Apr 17

Ministry of Defence Recruitment Test Result 2014

Ministry of Defense Result 2014 Ministry of Defence Recruitment Test Result DATED 2 MARCH 2014 AND 9 MARCH 2014 is being compiled and marking of descriptive paper is in process.

As soon as the descriptive paper checking is complete the result will be displayed on the web.

May 30

Bhoja Airline temporarily banned in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Defence has temporarily imposed a ban on the operations of Bhoja Airline in Pakistan, Geo News reported.Bhoja Airline

According to sources, air operative certificate of the airline has also been suspended.

The airline will be allowed to operate once it acquires at least three airplanes.

It is pertinent to mention here that it is mandatory under the law for any airline to have a minimum of three planes to start its full-fledged commercial operations in Pakistan.