Jun 02

IB, President, PM, Army overspent in 2012

PM Gilani gave Rs 400 million to the IB for secret operation without approval of the parliament.IB, President, PM, Army overspent in 2012

Bbudget documents have revealed that the heavy amount of Rs 90 million announced by president Asif Ali Zardari for mausoleum of great mystic Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri were paid by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs during their official visit to India.

It has also been revealed that the PM Secretariat spent Rs 180 million more than the allocated amount.

In the same way, the government paid one billion rupees for the purchase of armed vehicles to counter terror activities in Karachi.
Likewise, Rs 420 million were spend in order to fetch stranded Pakistanis from Libya.

So far as the Army is concerned, it spent Rs 14 billion more than the amount allocated to it.

Pakistan had to face the loss of Rs 4 billion in order to purchase wheat from abroad.

Prime Minsiter Yousaf Raza Gilani spent about Rs 4.5 million for renovation and embellishment of his residence.

During the sugar crisis, Pakistan had to face the loss of Rs 16 billion when provision of sugar was made possible with the cooperation of neighbouring country.

Foreign Ministry got supplementary grant worth Rs 200 million in the name of secret service.

For election of impermanent member in the UN, government of Pakistan spent Rs 430 million.