Apr 07

Munaxa Spring Summer by-casual Wear

A graduate from university for the creative arts London , munaza currently runs her own line of formal clothing called em’zest which offers an elegant range of trendy “ready to wear” outfits displaying a mix of contemporary shapes highlighted with various ethnic elements .An articulate and profound designer , munaza has recently expanded her fashion venture launching an exclusive and stylish bridal wear collection .Her approach and specialty is a very personalized one, her creations are grand , opulent flawless and one of a kind, focusing on neat and luxurious finish. A master of her work, Munaza possesses boldness, enthusiasm and freshness in her designs. Heavy embroideries and OVERDOSE of BLING is not Munaza’s philosophy, she believes in unconventional, refreshing and colour proportioned clothing. Her designs and styling is complete in every respect.Munaxa Summer Collection

Recently she has designed some very excellent clothing for summer 2012.the new collection for spring summer 2012 is consisting on casual wearing for women but all the collection is just awesome and looking very pretty.have a look to the Spring Summer casual Wear by Munaxa.