Jun 03

Naureen Arbab Beautiful Summer Dresses Collection 2013

Naureen Arbab Summer Collection 2013 has been released now. For the information, if you do not know about Naureen Arbab then just for your reference, she made a debut in this fashion sector of Pakistan in 2008 and she is now doing remarkable work. Few days back, she has showcased her summer collection 2013.Naureen Arbab clothing 1

First, let us all have a look at some of the pictures of this collection line so that you people might get a clear idea that what this collection is all about and what actually Naureen Arbab wants to show! Moving on, it is totally a casual wear collection. You will see a lot of embroidery work and lace work in the dresses and outfits of this fashion designer.We are sure that you will like this emerging fashion house and will become a regular purchaser of it. Have Naureen Arbab on you and wear it on each and every season. Be it a seasonal collection or an occasional collection,