Aug 27

Naveen Waqar Wedding With Azfar Ali (Mehndi & Walima) Picture

Naveen Waqar Wedding Pictures: Shocking and Intrestingas it gets that Naveen Waqar is Now Married to Azfar Ali Last Month it was Tipped but now It is Confirmed that Azfar Divorced his Long Term Wife Salma with his Two Kids. As expected , Many sources Either Denied the new calling it rumor and scandel.Azfar Ali Naveen waqar wedding picture

But nowFinally its is the top discussion on every ones talk. Naveen Waqar was an RJ on fm 91 turned to TV actress she tied a knot with none other Azfar Ali is now her husband Who is a known artist on TV and Showbiz Industry.

Naveen started her carrer with Fm 91 and then she appears on Aag Tv as a host. Later She was Seen in some Top dramas like Hamsafar and Annie ki ay gi Baraat where she played prominent roles boldy and Confidently.

Azfar Ali is a father of two Children and was Married to Salma Married for 9 years and now she is divorced. Naveen did it true what she can’t do in Hamsafar Drama.