Aug 19

Prime Minister addresses nation: Live Updates

Nawaz Sharif 2Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addresses nation: Live Updates
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is addressing the nation for the first time since assuming office.

8:07 PM: Prime Minister’s address to nation begins says people expressed their confidence in him.

8:08 PM: We should not hide from the reality that Pakistan faces severe challenges. During the last 14 years, mismanagement and corruption have ruined the foundations of Pakistan.

8:09 PM: PIA and Railways have been mismanaged. Hospitals, schools could have been established and power crisis could have been controlled if money was not wasted on PIA and Railways.

8:10 PM: Billion were spent on the Nadipur power project but some individuals stopped this project. Billions worth of machinery was ruined. We now have to spend an additional Rs36 billion to initiate this project.

8:11 PM: The Neelum-Jhelum project was supposed to be completed in six years. This was plagued by corruption and mismanagement. The cost of this project has now risen by Rs200 billion. I have directed that this project should be completed by 2013.

8:17 PM: I have spent two months evaluating and formulating a plan to deal with the power crisis. Circular-debt issue was a deterrent for power houses to generate to their full capacity. It was not easy to clear this debt. 1,700 MW have now been added to the national grid after the circular-debt issue was resolved.

8:19 PM: I will be satisfied when Pakistan produces more electricity than what is demanded. Electricity and gas threat is also a major reason for load shedding. We have started a drive against these thieves.

8:20 PM: We have to increase electricity generation to overcome power crisis which is not possible immediately. New projects will require several years.

8:23 PM: I am confident that the power crisis will be overcome in five years.

8:24 PM: I want to thank my Chinese friends for their interest in resolving Pakistan’s power crisis.

8:25 PM: Like the power crisis, terrorism is also a crisis which has plagued Pakistan due to bad policies. Over 40,000 Pak Army soldiers, security agencies personnel, policemen and civilians have lost their lives. In several areas out daughters cannot go to their schools.

8:26 PM: Concerned officials are afraid to act against terrorists.

8:29 PM: I invite those individuals for dialogue who have taken up militancy