Jun 29

Pakistani student bags silver medal in international competition

Islamabad: A Pakistani student has won silver media in an international competition about environmental issues held at State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego.Pak Student

Students from forty countries presented 657 projects in the Genius Olympiad where the Shadab Rasool Buriro from Khairpur, Sindh stood second to win silver medal.

Another Pakistani student Abdul Daim from Haripur, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, was awarded with honourable mention certificate.

Shadab Rasool and Abdul Diam, both students of Pak-Turk Schools presented their project, “Removal of Pollutants from Industrial Waste Water by usage of Tea Waste” in the contest.

They had discovered a unique and economical way to reduce soil contamination which is result of accumulation of man-made toxic substances that has a negative effect of plant and animal life.

Jun 06

Live Coverage Transit of Venus June 2012: don’t miss it!

New York: The rare event has already started in some parts of the world. If you think you are going to miss your last chance to see the transit (because I know you are not going to live 105 years more, and even if you do, you would be blind at that time) due to any damn reason, say, is the weather doesn’t allow you to do this or you haven’t got the proper equipment to see the process, then you should go for the following very useful links:Transit of venus 12