Nov 08

Stage Dancers Nida Chaudhry & Afreen Khan Banned

Stage dancers Afreen Khan And Nida chaudhary were banned from doing any shoe or act or dance on the stage.There were hundreds of complains against these dancers because of their vulgar shows and dance on the stage.People told that they were promoting nudity and vulgarity in the stage shows.Stage Dancers Nida Chaudhry & Afreen Khan BannedNida Chaudhry & Afreen Khan Banned

According to sources, the district authorities raided Naaz Theater where they found stage dancers Nida Chaudhry and Afreen dancing and showing vulgarity for their drama ‘Aashiq Bakray,’ and the viewers were showering money on the dancers on the occasion.

A stage dancer of Lahore commenting on this ban said that people complains of these dances but when they came to see the dance they always demand vulgar dance. She said that there have been many cases when people have given extra money for more and more vulgarity in the dance.