Apr 19

Meaning of my name is “Jantar Mantar”: Cameron Munter

Islamabad: US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter on Thursday parried a very important question by resorting to a joke.

“What magic did you play on Maulana Fazluer Rehman and leaders of other political parties to persuade them to evolve consensus on parliaments recommendation, asked the reporter of Dunyia news channel.

Cameron avoided answering the question, saying meaning of his name in the Urdu language was “Jantar Mantar” (Magician) .

The US envoy said that it would be premature to say any thing about halt in US drone attacks on Pakistani soil.

Answering a question, Munter said that the US was not using any Pakistani airbase.

The US ambassador also gave a vague answer to a question about how many US intelligence officials were operating in Pakistan.