Jun 26

India refuses to deliver dam water data to Pakistan

India has refused to provide Pakistan data about water level in its dams, and expected rains.India refuses to deliver dam water data to Pakistan

According to Dunya News report, this spells grave danger for Pakistan in the wake of approaching monsoon season and resultant floods.

Under the circumstances it would become even more difficult for the Pakistani authorities to take flood-management measures. In this connection the responsibilities of Pakistan Met Office have increased manifold.

The officials of Water and Power department informed the Dunya News that Pakistan High Commission sought from India forecast data about water flow from dams build on Ravi, Sutlej and Bias but India declined this request.

Sources say National Disaster Management Authority held an emergency meeting in this regard and expressed concern over the development.

After India’s refusal Pakistan will be totally depending on its radars installed in Sialkot, Lahore and Mangla for rain and flood assessment in order to become aware of crucial situation.

Apr 13

President Zardari writes letter to Manmohan Singh

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari has appealed to the Indian Prime Minister to send Dr. Khalil Chishti to Pakistan on humanitarian grounds, zardari and manmohan

The president appealed this in a letter to Manmohan Singh.

According to the Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar, the letter was sent through Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi.

President Zardari thanked his Indian counterpart for hospitality during his visit.

The issue of Dr. Khalil Chishti was discussed during President Zardari’s meeting with PM Singh recently in India, the spokesman said.

The 80-year-old ailing Pakistani scientist Dr Mohammed Khalil Chishti, who was granted bail by Indian Supreme Court on Monday in a two-decade-old murder case, has been released from a prison in Ajmer.

The president, in the letter, wrote that by doing so, relations between both countries will be strengthened.

Feb 28

Mansoor Ijaz hand over to Husain Haqqani evidence to memo commission

LONDON: Mansoor Ijaz issued a challenge to Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani on Tuesday to co-operate with the Judicial Commission and hand over his BlackBerry chat exchanges, e-mails and telephone call logs for the speedy conclusion of the Memogate investigation. In a statement, Mansoor Ijaz said that he had, for three days, testified at the Pakistan High Commission in London “in a truthful and transparent manner in that detail allowed by the Judicial Commission investigating the origins, purpose and authenticity of the Mullen Memorandum.”

He said he had met every single request for transparency made by the Chairman of the Commission, Balochistan Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa.
Ijaz said he was very helpful as he had placed on the record, under objection from opposing counsel at every possible turn, the data in his possession “including handwritten notes, BlackBerry chat exchanges, e-mails and telephone call logs of my interactions with former Amb Husain Haqqani and others who worked with me to transmit the message he had asked me to get to Admiral Mike Mullen.”

Ijaz said that Haqqani has “failed to provide a single shred of evidence to the contrary”, failing to waive his BlackBerry privacy rights in the search for truth.

“He has failed to turn over his physical BlackBerry devices that were originally available to his ‘boss’ and now are magically nowhere to be found.

He has failed to provide a single telephone log record to disprove my call records. And he has failed to provide access to his e-mail box, as I did contemporaneously during the hearings last week.

“Rather than assisting in the search for truth, Mr Haqqani continues to obstruct justice by using Pakistan’s government media machinery to run a disinformation campaign against me that grabs headlines, seeks to lay blame at anyone’s feet except his own and attempts to divert attention away from the serious matters of his misconduct at hand.”

Ijaz revealed that his lawyers in the United States and Pakistan have taken note of each of the “false allegations, incorrect facts and slanderous comments made”.

“We will redress these falsehoods directly and legally with each news outlet and blogger that engages in the Haqqani slander campaign against me when the search for truth is complete under the Commission’s proceedings. We reserve our full legal rights and rights of litigation against any offending party that has slandered or maligned me unjustly. For the moment, we remain focused on bringing the full truth and nothing but the truth on the record. It is that truth which Mr Haqqani and his ‘boss’ fear and that is why they continue to slander and malign me in every way possible.”

Ijaz said that Haqqani alone is responsible for “the circus that this matter has become” as he could have “simply admitted his role and complicity when confronted with the facts in November by Pakistan’s prime minister, president, army chief and intelligence chief when he returned to Islamabad and resigned as ambassador.”

The statement said that the course of justice began on the very date he refused to tell the truth. “He can never clear his name at the expense of slandering others. He can only clear his name by telling the truth — that he dictated the content, edited the written version and authorized the transmission of the Mullen Memorandum with the approval of his ‘boss’ that is the subject of the Judicial Commission’s investigation.”