Jul 28

Imran Khan refuses to attend APC on terror

Imran Khan PTILAHORE (Dunya News) – Addressing a press conference here on Sunday Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf said that mandate of his party was swindled and May 11 elections were rigged.

He demanded recounting with fingerprint verification in four constituencies.

He said he supported the Opposition’s decision to boycott the presidential election, adding he wanted to boycott it but did not want to leave the field open to PML-N.

“Justice (r) Wajihuddin is the best person for the slot of Pakistan’s president because he will remain neutral,” he said.
He said date for the presidential election was announced in hurry and sufficient time was not allowed for campaign.

Terming the proposed All Parties Conference as a futile exercise, Imran said that he would not take part in it.

“Earlier APC held for devising a national policy to counter terrorism was of no consequence,” he said.

However, Imran said he would like to have a one-to-one talk with COAS and PM Nawaz Sharif on the terrorism issue.

About drone attacks he said Pervaiz Musharraf had admitted that these attacks were executed with the consent of Pakistan government.

He said he had contacted the British government after Altaf Hussain’s provocative address at Teen Talwar, Karachi.

May 12

PTI Overall Successfull Candidates List of National Assembly

Pakistan Tehreek e InsafNA-1 Imran Khan

NA-2 Hameed ul Haq

NA-3 Sajid Nawaz

NA-4 Gulzar Khan

NA-5 Pervaiz Khattak

NA-6 Siraj Mohammad Khan

NA-8 Jahanzeb Khan Dhakki

NA-10 Ali Muhammad Khan

NA-11 Mujahid Ali

NA-13 Asad Qaisar

NA-14 Shaheryar Afridi

NA-15 Shamsur Rehman Khattak

NA-16 Khayal Zaman

NA-17 Muhammad Azhar Khan Jadoon

NA-29 Murad Saeed

NA-30 Salim Rehman

NA-71 Imran Khan

NA-72 Amjad Ali Khan

NA-125 Hamid Zaman

NA-126 Shafqat Mehmood

NA-149 Makhdoom Javaid Hussain Hashmi

NA-150 Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi

NA-154 Jahangir Khan Tareen

NA-160 Muhammad Ali Shakoor

More Candidates will be Uploading Soon

May 10

Mianwali: Aila Malik survives attack on her convoy

Mianwali AilaMalik survives attack convoyMIANWALI: The convoy of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Aila Malik was attacked with bullets in Dhook Miyani area of Minawali on Friday, injuring three of her guards, Geo News reported.

Aila Malik survived the attack, while her guards have been admitted to local hospital for medical aid.

May 09

PTI Sindh Final Candidates List :Election 2013

PakMapPTI Announced List of Ticket Holders and candidates for MNA (National Assembly) and MPA (Sindh Assembly) From Sindh.

PTI MNA Candidates:

NA-198-Sukkur – Dawa Khan

NA 204-Larkana – Mir Bhakat Jamal Chandio

NA 205-Larkana – Sakhawat Ali

NA 207-Larkana – Safdar Ali Magsi

NA 208-Jacobabad – Syed Ali Haider Zaidi

NA 212-Naushero – Feroze Hamza Khan

NA 213-Nawabshah – Gul M Kirio

NA 215 Khairpur – Neik Muhammad Paneyar

NA 216-Khairpur – Javed Ali Bozdar

NA 220-Hyderabad – Sahibzada Shabbir Hassan Ansari

NA 221-Hyderabad – Syed Ahmad Rasheed

NA 222-Hyderabad – Hassan Sardar

NA-223 Hyderabad – Mohammad Imran Gulzar

NA-224 Badin – Iimuhammad Dawood Nizamani

NA-225-Badin – Nadeem Abbasi

NA-226-Mirpurkhas – Imir Atiq Talpur

NA 235-Sanghar – Mir Hassan Dars

NA 236 Sanghar – Ghulam Zahid

NA-237 Thatta – Syed Fazalullah Shah

NA-239 Karachi – Subhan Ali

NA 240 Karachi – Naz Baloch

NA 241 Karachi – Saeed Ahmed

NA 243 Karachi – Zahid Hussain Hashmi

NA-244 Karachi – Khalid Masood Adv

NA 245 Karachi – Muhammad Riaz Hyder

NA-246 Karachi – Amir Sharjeel

NA 247 Karachi – Rashid Siddique

NA 250 Karachi – Dr Arif Alvi

NA 251 Karachi – Raja Azhar Khan

NA 252 Karachi – Syed Ali Haider Zaidi

NA 253 Karachi – Ashraf Jabbar

NA 254 Karachi – Muhammad Naeem

NA 255 Karachi – Khalid Mehmood Adv

NA 256 Karachi – Zubair Khan

NA 257 Karachi – Dr Farooq Bangash

NA 258 Karachi – Qurban Ali Burroro

PTI MPA Candidates:

PS 1-Sukkur – Syed Imam Ali Shah

PS 2-Sukkur – Ghulam Murtaza Jiskani

PS 4-Sukkur – Zaheer Babar Zangerjo

PS 7-Ghotki – Nadir Akmal Khan Leghari

PS 13-Jacobabad – Sardar Sharif Khan Buledi

PS 14-Jacobabad – Sharif Khan Buledi

PS 15-Jacobabad – Muhammad Imran Soomro

PS 24-Nawabshah – Gulzar Ahmad

PS 25-Nawabshah – Asif Illahi Dahri

PS 26-Nawabshah – Illahi Bukash Dahri

PSPS 27-Nawabshah – Sajjad Ali Chandio

PS 35-Larkana – Naveed Ahmed Ubro

PS 36-Larkana – Abdul Sameer Brohi

PS 32 Khairpur – Faiz Syed Gambal Shah Jilani

PS 49-Hyderabad – Malik Asif Khalil

PS 41-Larkana – Altaf Ali

PS 42-Larkana – Aqil Khan Chandio

PS 40-Larkana – Mazhar Ali Magsi

PS 37-Larkana – Ahsan Shah Rashid

PS 38-Larkana – Ali Murad Mirrani

PS 45-Hyderabad – Abdul Rasheed Arain

PS 46-Hyderabad – Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui

PS 53-Hyderabad – Iqbal Nizamani

PS 54-Hyderabad – Nasrullah Buledina

PS 51 Hyderabad – Shamim Ahmad Khan

PS 47-Hyderabad – Noor Mumtaza Thebo

PS 55-Badin – Junaid Anwar Leghariali

PS 56-Badin – Nawaz Malah

PS 57-Badin – Syed Sher Ali Shah

PS 58-Badin – Syed Tahir Shah

PS 65-Mirpurkhas – Zulfiqar Khan Leghari

PS 64-Mirpurkhas – Sheikh Mehmoob Jilani

PS 67-Mirpurkhas – Ivshafqat Shah

PS 71-Dadu – Iilal M Brohi

PS 72-Dadu – Javed Akhtar

PS 74-Dadu – Abdul Qadir Sehar

PS 75- Dadu – Pir Buksh Chandio

PS 79-Sanghar – Iimazhar Rasul Sindh

PS-83 Sanghar – Kashif Ameen Rajput

PS 84 Thatta – Nasurullah Khan

PS89 Karachi – Dr. Hussainuddin

PS 90 Karachi – Naeem Shehzad

PS 80-Sanghar – Ammanullah Haliphoto

PS 91 Karachi – Fazal Sharif Khattak

PS 92 Karachi – Humayun Swati

PS 93 Karachi – Syed Hafeezuddin

PS 94 Karachi – Asif Aziz

PS 96 Karachi – Mian Jan Zada

PS 97 Karachi – Attaullah Khan

PS 98 Karachi – Shahid

PS 99 Karachi – Mohammad Saleem Ghori

PS 102 Karachi – Mohammad Idress

PS 101 Karachi – Abdul Rehman Kakar

PS 103 Karachi – Zarina Sarwar

PS 105 Karachi – Javed Jilani

PS 106 Karachi – Sultan Ahmad

PS 104 Karachi – Sadiqueullah

PS 108 Karachi – Mohammad Imran Siddiqui

PS 112 Karachi – Khurram Sher Zaman

PS 113 Karachi – Samar Ali Khan

PS 114 Karachi – Israr Abbasi

PS115 Karachi – Hamza Nafees

PS116 Karachi – Irum Butt

PS 117 Karachi – Ahsan Jabbar

PS 118 Karachi – Arsalan Taj Hussain Ghumman

PS 126 Karachi – Saif Ur Rehman

PS 124 Karachi – Raja Azhar Khan

PS 125 Karachi – Abdul Rehman Khan

PS 122 Karachi – Mohammad Jameel

PS 128 Karachi – Inayatullah Khan Khatak

PS 119 Karachi – Attaullah Khan

PS 120 Karachi – Abid Jilani

PS 121 Karachi – Sq Ldr Syed Azhar Fakharuddin

PS 127 Karachi – Sq Ldr Syed Azhar Fakharuddin

PS 129 Karachi – Ghulam Mustafa

PS 130 Karachi – Abdul Ghafoor

Apr 25

PTI will introduce local bodies system if came into power: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)PAKPATTAN: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has said that his party will introduce the local bodies system after coming into power, SAMAA reports on Thursady.

Addressing a public gathering here, PTI chairman criticized Metro Bus service launched at the cost of billions of rupees and termed it a waste of public money. He also said that load shedding should have been ended with that money instead of launching the bus service.

Khan promised better health and education system after coming in the power.

He again challanged PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif for an open debate on TV, adding that he would ask him what would he do in the sixth term as he was failed in his five terms already.

Imran Khan said that farmers’ problems would be resolved on priority basis in the PTI’s government. SAMAA