Oct 12

Beautiful Mehndi Designs Of Hands & Feet For Eid 2012

Mehndi is considered to be one of the most prominent ingredients in any religious festival and wedding happenings. Mehndi reflects the symbol of love, festivity and joy. Latest Mehndi Eid Designs Collection 2012 For Women 10

In today’s fashion style statement the fashion of simple Mehndi design is getting increasingly known and recognized among the women. As the women are also well aware from the fact that during the events they have to engage themselves into loads of work therefore it is vital to keep the Mehndi designs simple and plain so that their hands may not get spoiled and so as Mehndi design. As Eid events are about to arrive so all the women must be conscious for their hands decoration from Mehndi and they would certainly be involved in finding the simple Mehndi patterns. Such designs are usually recommended as they are easy and can even be applied effortlessly by anyone.

May 30

Arabic & Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2012

There are many types of mehndi patterns girls here. Mehndi or Henna Designs are different for different occasions. Like Mehndi Designs for Bride is quite different for the Mehndi Designs on Eid for every girl.Mehndi Tattoos DesignOn weddings, usually girls cover their hands up-to elbow and brides up-to shoulders. Whereas on Eid or other parties girls only use Henna on their hands. The Pakistani Mehndi designs are famous in sub continent where as Arabic Mehndi designs are famous all around the world. Arabic mehndi designs don’t only cover the hands and feet, but also they are specialized in body mehndi designs which cover the back, legs and belly as well. Pakistani Henna designs are more complicated thus attracting var ous loyalists.