Nov 03

10,000 Pakistan students reach UK for studies

Islamabad: More than 10,000 Pakistani students have gone to United Kingdom on student visa this year while the number of visa applications is getting higher every year, says British High Commissioner said.PassPort and Pen

In the ceremony organized by Turkish ambassador in which British ambassador Adam Thomson said that British official behaves gently to Pakistani students in their studies, Daily Jang reported.

On this occasion British Ambassador’s Iran born wife was present there.

Adam Thomson said that British economy is also facing difficulty like Pakistan but Pakistani students were not facing any difficulty in getting visa.

In reply to a question, he said that in the second week of November, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will be visiting Pakistan along with Sayeeda Warsi as Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Oct 22

Pakistani students clinch another Guinness World Record

Lahore: As many as 1936 students belonging to different schools in Punjab created the largest mosaic on Monday, setting up a new Guinness world record.pakistani guinness world record

The students broke an American world record that was achieved by 1458 people in South Carolina in the United States on December 3,2011.

Officials of the Guinness World Record witnessed the occasion and announced that the Pakistani students had made the new world record.

The students made the image of historical Shahi Qila, holding small pieces of the photo above their heads.