Jul 24

Pakistani Model Mathira Josh Condoms TV Ad banned by PEMRA

PEMRA! – Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority has banned the Pakistani Model Mathira TV ad.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has ordered all TV channels to stop Josh condoms AD on immediate basis. PEMRA has also sent letter to Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) regarding block on this commercial. After receiving letter, PBA forward this order to TV channels.This commercial is against our religious cultural values, PEMRA said. PEMRA Spokesman Fakhruddin Mughal said that there will be serious action taken against such immoral commercials. Other than public complaints, the commercial is also against Pakistan’s constitution and PEMRA Act 2007, PEMRA explained.

There were massive protests recorded on Social Media before this commercial was on-aired. The Commercial’s details were leaked on internet before on-airing which sparked Nation.mathera add

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Feb 14

PEMRA Stop TV Channels Over Valentine Day Transmissions

Islamabad: Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) has asked TV Channels and Radio Stations to avoid Special Valentine Day Transmission,PEMRA clarified that they are sending this advice letter after getting heavy complaints from public.

PEMRA also reported that this event is not suitable for our society. Valentine has contradiction with our religion i.e. Islam and culture, PEMRA reported. Regarding Valentine issue, PEMRA Sent Advice letter to TV Channels in 2012 after getting hundreds of public complaints but it didn’t affect on TV Channels’ transmission.

The Letter was submitted by Director General Operations of PEMRA Muhammad Farooq. The letter has been sent to all Pakistani Satellite TV Channels and FM Radio Stations.

This letter is for all News, Current Affairs, Entertainment, Informative and Infotainment TV Channels and FM Radios. An Official from national media regulator told that PEMRA had not banned Valentine Shows but it issued just a request to channels regarding Public complaints.

Its pertinent to mention here that PEMRA sent this letter just one day before valentine day. Many channels already arranged shows regarding Valentine and they will not consider this letter. Furthermore, it’s just a suggestion Letter which will not affect on Pakistani TV Channels’ transmission, critics explained.pemra

Jul 17

Veena malik Astagfar show Online Issued to Pemra

Islamabad: As the news spread like a wildfire on social media about the Veena Malik’s program Astaghfaar, an online petition created to be submitted to Pemra for stopping the controversial actress hosting the religious show.Veena Malik

The petition said that “Veena Malik is a notorious porn star known for her semi nude pictures in magazines and Indian movies. Ramadhan is a serious religious matter. It is extremely pathetic that an FHM controversial model will preach religion in the holy month of Ramadhan on a Pakistani channel.

It will hurt the feelings of Muslims all over Pakistan and abroad, it said. Pemra must immediately stop Hero TV from airing such stuff in the holy month of Ramadhan.

So far merely more than 74,000 subscribers of the Facebook like this petition.