Sep 01

PIA plane strays off runway in Lahore, three injured

LAHORE – A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airplane strayed off the runway while landing in Lahore, injuring three people on board. The PIA flight ATR-42 was traveling from Islamabad to Lahore when it strayed off the runway while it was attempting to land.PIA Plane off the runway

Three people on board the aircraft were injured, including two passengers and a member of the flight crew. More than 30 passengers were traveling on the flight.
The runway at the Lahore airport was temporarily closed due to the crash landing. Earlier Friday, another PIA flight made an emergency landing at the Quetta airport due to a technical fault.

According to PIA sources, the flight PK 240 had been travelling from Kuwait to Lahore when it developed the fault. The flight had 196 passengers on board. All passengers and crew members were evacuated from the aircraft safely.