Apr 20

Bhoja Airlines’ plane crashes near Chaklala in Rawalpindi

A passenger plane has reportedly crashed near Koral Chowk, Rawalpindi.

A plane carrying 121 passengers has crashed in bad weather near Rawalpindi, aviation officials said.

Bhoja Airline flight B-4213 was flying from Karachi to Islamabad when it crashed 10-15km away from the runway of Islamabad airport, near Chaklala airbase.

The aircraft was scheduled to leave Karachi airport at 17:00 local time (12:00 GMT) and due to arrive at 19:00 (14:00 GMT).

Witnesses said that flame could be seen rising from the crash site and fire has reportedly engulfed several buildings.

Dead bodies are lying all around after jet goes down while landing, a witness said.

Police officials said emergency teams were on their way to the crash site.