Jun 20

Cabinet division de-notifies Gilani as PM

Cabinet division has issued notification subjecting to the disqualification of ex-PM Gilani.Cabinet division de-notifies Gilani as PM


According to notification, Yousaf Raza Gilani was disqualified from the post of prime minister on April 26. The cabinet division also issued directives to dissolve the federal cabinet.

The posts of federal ministers, state ministers advisors to PM and special consultants have also been suspended. However, federal ministers along with other cabinet members will enjoy privileges for fifteen days.

The federal cabinet comprised thirty five ministers, eighteen state ministers, four advisers and six special consultants.

The election commission declared Gilani ineligible from April 26 after reviewing Supreme Court’s verdict.

Ex-PM Gilani’s membership of parliament from constituency NA-151 Multan was also suspended.

A seven-member bench of Supreme Court announced the verdict in contempt case against ex-PM Gilani on April 26 on which National assembly s speaker issued another ruling that declared PM Gilani eligible to hold the office.

However, on June 19, a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice declared Gilani ineligible to hold the office of Prime Minister in the light of April 26 verdict.

Jun 15

PM should have appealed against conviction: CJP

Chief Justice says sentence in contempt case is directly linked with ineligibility of a person.PM should have appealed against conviction: CJP

A three-member bench headed by chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed the hearing into applications pertaining to the ruling of NA speaker after Supreme Court convicted Prime Minister Gilani.

As soon as the hearing began, Aitzaz Ahsan, counsel of PM, said that a larger bench should be formed, adding that the issue is very sensitive.

He said his client had accepted the sentence but not ineligibility, adding that not every sentence implies to the ineligibility of the Member of Parliament.

The chief justice remarked that Aitzaz Ahsan cannot argue over appeal in this case and said his client accepted the sentence.

CJP also said that PM Gilani should have appealed against the verdict in contempt case on which Aitzaz Ahsan maintained that his client was sentenced but was not declared ineligible due to which he did not appeal against the verdict.

Aitzaz Ahsan argued that the speaker has the right to give ruling and doesn’t play the role of a postman only.

At the outset of the hearing Attorney General Irfan Qadir came on the rostrum and said he did not make any indecent posture in yesterday s hearing. He said the proceedings were misreported by media.

Jun 02

IB, President, PM, Army overspent in 2012

PM Gilani gave Rs 400 million to the IB for secret operation without approval of the parliament.IB, President, PM, Army overspent in 2012

Bbudget documents have revealed that the heavy amount of Rs 90 million announced by president Asif Ali Zardari for mausoleum of great mystic Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri were paid by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs during their official visit to India.

It has also been revealed that the PM Secretariat spent Rs 180 million more than the allocated amount.

In the same way, the government paid one billion rupees for the purchase of armed vehicles to counter terror activities in Karachi.
Likewise, Rs 420 million were spend in order to fetch stranded Pakistanis from Libya.

So far as the Army is concerned, it spent Rs 14 billion more than the amount allocated to it.

Pakistan had to face the loss of Rs 4 billion in order to purchase wheat from abroad.

Prime Minsiter Yousaf Raza Gilani spent about Rs 4.5 million for renovation and embellishment of his residence.

During the sugar crisis, Pakistan had to face the loss of Rs 16 billion when provision of sugar was made possible with the cooperation of neighbouring country.

Foreign Ministry got supplementary grant worth Rs 200 million in the name of secret service.

For election of impermanent member in the UN, government of Pakistan spent Rs 430 million.

May 12

PML-N’s campaign regrettable for judiciary: Gilani

Gilani says the PML-N’s recent campaign is a disrepute to judiciary.

The people who are igniting the issue have nothing to do with the rule of law; rather their mission is to have their favourite decisions, said Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani.

He said that there was no law of contempt of the court in the court; only I am being put on trial.

Addressing a welcome ceremony hosted by the PPP London, he said that the contempt of court accusations should be levelled in a sequence. The people who are leading the campaign for restoration of judiciary only want to have their favourite verdicts.

There is no law of contempt of the court in country; only my personality is being defamed by putting me on trial, he said.

He said that the government of Punjab was out to rebel against the government, adding that the president and the prime minister can be ousted only through constitutional means.

PM Gilani said that days were gone for entering the government through backdoors and the constitution would be defended at every cost, he concluded.

May 01

Humiliation of SC unbearable, says Nawaz

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said that he has not ever seen such gigantic corruption in his life.Nawaz Sharif

While addressing a ceremony arranged for working class on the eve of Labour Day, he said that President Asif Zardari and PM Gilani are not sole owners of the country.

PML-N has been facing hard time since four years but now it has become unbearable for them.

He said that the Supreme Court would not be allowed to be used as a puppet for the interest of some people.

He said that it is deplorable to come to know that inflation has become hallmark of the country as Rs 20,000 are insufficient to meet the requirements of the a common man.

He said that government and its voters and supporters have looted the wealth of the nation mercilessly and unscrupulously that it has no match in the history.