May 21

Six Fata MNAs-elect join PML-N

MNAs-elect join PML-NLAHORE (Dunya News) – MNAs victorious from Fata that have joined PML-N include, Shadi Gul, Sajid Touri, Ghazi Ghulab Jamal, Bilal Rehman and Nazir Khan.

According to sources the above mentioned MANs-elect met PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad the other day and expressed their willingness to join PML-N.
PML-N emerged as a winner in May 11 elections, managing to secure around 124 seats in the centre.
Earlier on Sunday, PML-N has attained a majority in Pakistan s National Assembly after 18 independent candidates joined the party, placing it in a position to form government at the centre without striking an alliance with any other party.

Several independent candidates belonging to influential political families of Punjab and Sindh provinces are among those who have joined the PML-N, which emerged the single largest party in the May 11 general election.

Independents from Fata play an important role in formation of government in the Centre.

The main consideration before these MPs has been the development of their areas, but keeping in view the security situation in Fata, these members can play an important role in policy making.

These members can play an important role if the government decides to initiate peace process in the area.