Apr 10

3G and 4G licenses in Pakistan will be held on April 23

3G 4G Suprem Court PakistanIslamabad: Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Ismail Shah told the Supreme Court of Pakistan that auction of 3G and 4G licenses in Pakistan will be held on April 23.

He informed the apex court during the hearing of 3G and 4G auction, headed by Justice Jawaad Khuwaja.

During the hearing, Ismail Shah informed the apex court that the country would earn around rupess 1.3 trillion which would help the deteriorating economy of Pakistan.

The SC adjourned the hearing of 3G and 4G license auction case till April 16.

Aug 24

Youtube back in business, unblocked in Pakistan

Youtube PakistanIslamabad: Popular Video sharing website YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan after temporary blockage of blasphemous content.

YouTube was banned in 2012 after the publishing of blasphemous movie regarding the life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). According to some sources, the blasphemous content was supposed to remain permanently available.

Earlier speculations were being made as if YouTube will be back to existence or not. Anusha Rehman, minister of IT earlier in a press conference revealed that the video sharing website.

The minister said that the unblocking of YouTube can only be made available after the approval of the government.

According to sources, YouTube has already started working in some cities. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had prepared a method to block the blasphemous material permanently by filtering or removing from all means of media such as internet and cell phones.

To get access to the latest videos of YouTube, just type [highlight]https:// not http://[/highlight]

Nov 21

Cellular companies directed to slash night packages

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has directed the mobile companies to slash their night calling packages as these are proving to be a cause of social nuisance.PTA

The authority cited views conveyed by some segments of the society as the reasons behind the fresh directive. According to them, the aforementioned calling packages or late night packages are diminishing the intelligence of youths, and causing misguidance and wastage of time.

It merits mentioning here that recently, Punjab Assembly had passed a resolution demanding imposition of ban on these calling packages for the same reasons described above.

Nov 03

PTA has decided to cancels all night packages

PTA has decided to cancels all night packages 

A Senate’s Standing Committee on Cabinet Division has asked Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to stop all night packages, offered by cellular companies for cheap hourly calls (usually at Rs. 1-3 per hour) or even free calls at a fixed nominal daily charge.Pta decided all Night Pakages cancel 1

Cellular companies confirmed Pakfriends.Pk that they haven’t received any such directive from authority yet.

This is not the first time that voice against night-packages has been raised. Earlier, Punjab and KPK Provincial assemblies passed resolution for the ban of night packages, but nothing could stop cellular companies with their night-calls offerings.

It is unclear so far that when PTA will issue the directive to cellular companies for withdrawal of night packages. Even if ordered, we aren’t sure that cellular companies will refrain from night packages – just like they are continuing with Prize/Inami schemes even after directive that asked operators to stop all kind of Prize/Inami schemes.

Night Packages are argued to be spoiling the youth. Surveys have been conducted to back this argument. Night packages are alleged to be responsible for bad health and poor academic performance of the youth.

May 30

Income Tax: FBR freezes PTA accounts over Rs3.6 billion in dues

 The Federal Bureau of Revenue’s (FBR) Large Taxpayers Unit (LTU) froze accounts of the  (PTA) for outstanding liabilities amounting to Rs3.6billion.PTA

According to a notification issued on Tuesday, the FBR said that it has attached all bank accounts of the PTA for the amount it owed to the exchequer in income taxes.

The PTA was served with a recovery notice under Section 138(10 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, to deposit the outstanding liabilities by May 28, which it failed to do so.

The Chief Commissioner, LTU Islamabad formed teams to recover the amount from PTA through attachment of bank accounts and its receivables from Mobile Operators, Wireless Local Loop (WLL) operators, Long Distance & International (LDI) operators, Land Line (LL) operators and the Ministry of Information Technology.

Mobilink settles outstandings

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Mobile Communications’ (Mobilink) agreed to pay its outstanding tax amount of Rs2.5 billion (revised down from Rs8 billion) by May30, by availing FBR’s Tax Surcharge and Penalty Waiver Scheme.

The issue has been resolved amicably.