Jun 17

Punjab Assembly presents fiscal budget

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly presented its fiscal budget on Monday, Express Newsreported.

The budget for year 2013-14 presented by Minster of Finance Mian Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman is worth Rs882 billion.

“We are willing to meet challenges facing the government head-on,” said Rehman.Punjab Assembly

Below is the breakdown of amount allocated to major sectors. The amounts are rounded to the nearest billion.




Rs25 billion


Rs17 billion

Developmental projects

Rs93 billion


Rs20.43 billion


Rs87 billion

Chief Minister House will have its expenditure cut down by 30%, Rehman said.

In addition, Rs10.87 billion has been earmarked for the provision of clean water by creating a water system.

Rs1.5 billion was allocated for the purchase of computers in schools and an additional Rs2 billion was announced for the provision of education, Rehman announced.

Moreover, Rs6.5 billion has been allocated for the construction of 2000 flats for labourers. Minimum wage was set at Rs10,000.

Under the new budget, government employees will see a salary increase of 10%.

In a move to help students, Rs1 billion was also allocated for the provision of solar energy lamps. Rs1.5 billion has been allocated for internship programs.

Restrictions were announced on the purchase of government cars.

The Punjab budget is interesting because this is the first time since the fiscal 2008 budget that Lahore and Islamabad are being governed by the same political party.

For the past five years, the PML-N has been complaining that the problems in their province have been caused by an uncooperative federal government. Now that excuse no longer exists and the PML-N will be free to pursue its desired policies in Punjab, knowing that they have the full backing of Islamabad.

Dec 05

PML-N sweeps Punjab by-polls

Election Poll


LAHORE: The PPP suffered a setback when it managed to win only one seat of Punjab Assembly.

A provincial assembly seat PP-26—was won by the independent candidates.

The PML-N has bagged four provincial and two NA seats, while the PPP could not manage to win any seat of the National or Punjab Assembly.

One seat of the Punjab Assembly went to independent candidate and one to the PML-Q.

According to unofficial results PML-N showed outstanding performance by beating its rival parties PPP and PML-Q.

PML-N candidate Zahid Iqbal from NA-162 Chichawatni won by securing 75,966 votes.

PML-N candidate Hanif Jatt from PP-226 Kassoval won with 42,294 votes while PML-Q candidate Mrs Iqbal from the same constituency stood second with 35, 369 votes.

PML-Q and PPP joint candidate Umar Sharif from PP-133 Narowal remained victorious with 29,308 votes while independent candidate Ghiasuddin achieved second position with 23,044 votes.

In Sialkot, PML-N candidate Chaudhry Akram from PP-122 won with 27, 291 votes while PPP candidate Raja Amir could mange second position with 4797.

From Jhelum, independent candidate Khadim Hussain from PP-26 won the seat by getting 39,154 votes while the second position went to independent candidate Raja Muhammad Afzal Khan who got 19,044 votes.

It is worth mentioning that winning candidate Khadim Hussain has announced to join the PML-N after beating his rival in by-polls 2012.

So far as PML-N candidate Nawaz Chohan is concerned, he managed to win PP-92 Gujranwala with 36,547 votes while PPP candidate Lala Asadullah stood second with 16,492 votes.

PPP candidate Sarfaraz Shah from Nowshero Feroz PS-21 has got 13,000 votes while NPP candidate Abrar Shah from the same constituency could get only 63,00 votes but their final result is yet to be declared..

NA-107 Gujarat seat also went to PMNL-N as its candidate Malik Hanif won with about 1,06658 votes. PML-Q candidate Rehman Nasir competed his rival with 76,041 votes.

PML-N candidate from 129-pp Sialkot Mohsin Ashraf won by having 52,500 votes as compared to PML-Q candidate Ansar Iqbal who got 30,400 votes.

Jun 09

Punjab budget 2012-13 to be presented today

Lahore (June 09, 2012): Mian Mujtaba Shujaa-ur-Rehman will present Rs 780 billion Punjab Budget 2012-13 today.
Punjab Budget 2012-13
The 780 billion rupees Punjab budget 2012-13 would be presented in the provincial assembly today.

The amount earmarked for development will be Rs 246 billion. About 20 percent increase in the salaries of public servants has been proposed. The amount fixed for social development is Rs 85 billion. The education and health will get Rs 30 and 18 billion respectively.

Rs 67 billion on infrastructure, Rs 10 billion on production, Rs 70 billion on police and Rs 9 billion on service sector will be spent. About Rs 20 billion has also been proposed for subsidies on various sectors.

Rs 13 billion on women development and Rs 0.35 billion on minorities will be spent. Rs 4 billion will be allocated for Ramazan Bazaars.

The Ashiana, yellow cab and laptop schemes will also continue during the financial year 2012-13.

Easy loan schemes for women and small farmers have also been proposed in the tax free Punjab budget 2012-13.

Source: Dunya News