Oct 30

Zarghoon Double Road Blast In Quetta 4 Kills & 19 Injures

Double Road Blast Quetta.The incident of explosion occurred in Zarghoon Road Quetta near office of National Data Regulatory Authority (NADRA) office. The second blast occurred due to cylinder explosion in a nearby vehicle.

The blast was so intense that windowpanes of nearby buildings cracked and several shops and two vehicles were damaged.

In this blast 4 person has killed and 19 injures .The person who kill they died at spot and also rescue team appear there to shift the injures patient to the nearby hospital.

Also police member there to control This fearful situation.The Fire Brigade Squad rushed to the scene and extinguished fire that erupted at the spot after the blast.

Trafic also jammed at that area for a few time so that this place can be saved and also shift the patient to hospital easily.

Police and FC personnel cordoned off the area after the blast and emergency was imposed in the city hospitals.

Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has condemned the blast in very strong terms.