Feb 10

Quratulain Balouch (QB) In Critical Condition After Car Accident

Pakistani Singer Quratulain Baloch most famously known for singing the title track of ‘Humsafar‘, has gotten into a car accident in Lahore a few days ago.quratulain balouch livein

Our sources tell us she was on her way to the Lahore Airport during the early hours of February 3rd when a car hit her vehicle. The collision flipped her car. The singer was immediately rushed to Combined Military Hospital in Lahore. QB is currently listed to be in critical condition with a spinal cord injury according to reports.

Even if you are living under any rock, till now you must have come to know about the Sad news about Quratulain Balouch’s car accident. The horrific accident, that took place in Lahore, has hurt so many of QB‘s fans and also shook the music industry of Pakistan, with many musicians finally pleading their fans to pray for her.

Quite frankly, even we didn’t know how horrific it was and like everyone else we were praying for her in a usual manner and wasn’t really aware how intensive the situation was. Today, we have got some pictures that are shocking enough to unfold the event that happened on 2nd February in Lahore.

Reportedly she was sitting at the backside of the car on left side, where the car was badly hit resulting more injuries to rising singer. It has also come into our knowledge that as they were rushing towards Lahore airport, it was indeed the fault of another car that hit QB‘s car so hard. As per the new reports, she has undergone a surgery and is now recovering fast. Watch below the car accident photos of Qurtulain balouchQB car accident photo 1 QB car accident photos