Sep 04

In New Film Of Bollywood Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Has Seduced us

Pakistani famous singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has seduced us with his effortless singing in his song “Saaiyaan” in new film of Bollywood “Heroin2012”. It was beautifully sung in a melancholy tone and endearing as a singer Rahat alone can make.Rahat Fateh Ali Khan home

This musical masterpiece is a perfect blend of three essential ingredients: a breathtaking voice, deep lyrics and his magic complementary. Essentially, it is a sad song, but that’s what the public likes.

Rahat did full justice to the emotional turbulence dark portrayed in words. His vocal range and location match the ups and downs of the song – his voice changing to meet the heartbreak, which makes the new anthem of the subcontinent.