Jul 10

Ramadan Kareem Special Transmission On Hum Tv

REHMET E RAMAZAN is the theme for 2013 Ramzan Transmission For Hum Tv. This theme will be intricately woven in all Ramazan programmes.


A programme that will discuss all aspects of life in the light of Islam. It will provide useful guidelines in order to maintain a perfect balance between ‘Deen’ and ‘Duniya’
Time: 2:30 pm
Monday- Sunday


An entertaining cooking show for women of all ages through which they can learn special recipes that will make their Ramazan yumilicious, and all this with a joyful ‘tarka’ of bushra’s brilliant sense of humour.
Time: 5:05 pm
Monday- Sunday


For the entire month of Ramazan, every Friday night will be filled with devout love, spiritual sentiments, rice poetry and vibrant live performances by legendary qawwals such as Amjad Sabri, Abu Muhammad and Ayaz Fareed, and Rizwan Moazzam. Live calls by the viewers to the qawwals will be an added treat, enabling viewers interact with their favourite celebrity qawwal directly.
Time: 9:45 pm Live 


These short stories encompass inspirational and motivational storylines about belief, conviction, patience and appreciation.
During the auspicious month of Ramazan these stories aim to change our perspective on the future, and recharge our faith in Allah.
Time: 9:45 pm Saturday 
Director: Assorted (Kashif Nisar, Saima Waseem, Furqan Siddiqui) 
Writers: Wasi Shah, Amna Mufti, Seema Munaf
Cast: Assorted (Shahood Alvi, Sabreen Hisbahani, Salma Zafar, Qavi Khan, Savera Nadeem & Adnan siddiqui)

Jul 09

Importance Of Ramadan Month & Its Pray For Every Ashra

Ramadan Hadees by QuranFirst ten days (1-10) of the Blessed Month of Ramadan are the days of Mercy.

So we should seek Allah’s Mercy in these days.

* Rab-bigh-fir war-ham wa Anta Khair-ur-Raahimeen. (Surah Al Muminun:118)

Meaning: My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, for You are the Best of those who show mercy!

* Ya Rabb, Allahumma arhamni Ya Arham-mar-Rahimeen.

* Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyumu Birahmatika asta-ghee-thu.dua for 3 ashra of ramadanf


The second ten days (11-20) of Ramadan are the days of Forgiveness.

So we should seek Allah’s forgiveness and repent for sins in those days.

* Allahum-magh-fir-li dhunoobi Ya Rabbal Alameen

* Rabbana Fagh-fir-lana dhunoobana wa kaf-fir-‘anna sayyi-aatina wa ta-waf-fana ma-‘al abraar. (Surah Al-Imran:193)

Meaning: Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and remit from us our evil deeds, and make us die in the state of righteousness along with Al-Abrâr (those who are obedient to Allâh and follow strictly His Orders).Ramadan Hadees by Quran 2


The last ten days (21-30) of Ramadan are to seek Refuge in Allah from the Hellfire.

* Allahumma Ajirna min-an-naar.

Meaning: O Allah, protect us from the fire.dua for 3 ashra of ramadan