May 27

Soldier Muhammad Hussain Funeral Prayer Offered

The funeral prayer of Muhammad Hussain who was buried under the avalanche has been offered.
Muhammad Hussain (Pakistan Army)
According to details, the body of the soldier has been sent to his native village for burial.

The first dead body of one of the one hundred and thirty-nine soldiers who were buried under an avalanche in the Gayari Sector on the seventh of last month was recovered on the fiftieth day of the operation on Saturday.

The rescuers found the body near the check post where the soldiers were present at the time of the tragedy and there are hopes that more bodies will be found nearby.

May 27

Body of one soldier (Muhammad Hussain) recovered from Gayari

SKARDU: Body of one soldier, trapped in Gayari sector of the Siachen glacier some 50 days back, has been recovered.

According to sources, rescue operation is continuing to reach out to the 124 trapped soldiers and 11 civilians hit by an avalanche on April 07.

The body of the solider has been shifted to Gomal Army hospital.

The soldier has been identified as Shaheed Muhammad Hussain who hails from Skardu.

There are reports of recovering of another body but the military sources have not confirmed yet.

Clearance efforts are continuing round the clock since the avalanche hit the camp more than a month ago.

Apr 09

US rescue team arrives to speed up Siachen operation

US has sent a team of 8 experts to Islamabad to provide technical assistance in rescue operation.
US rescue team arrives to speed up operation in Siachen
A nine-member US experts’ team has arrived in Pakistan to help searching 135 people buried under snow.The US sent a team of experts to help Pakistan search for 135 people buried by a massive avalanche that engulfed a military complex in a mountain battleground close to the Indian border.

Pakistan will consult with the team to determine what help is needed to expedite the rescue operation.

At least 240 Pakistani troops and civilians worked at the site of the disaster at the entrance to the Siachen Glacier with the aid of sniffer dogs and heavy machinery, said the army. But they struggled to dig through some 25 meters (80 feet) of snow, boulders and mud that slid down the mountain early Saturday morning.

Pakistani army chief said the calamity in no way will affect the morale of the troops defending the motherland at the highest battlefield.he also visited the site Sunday to supervise rescue operations.

The American assistance comes at a tense time between the two countries and could help improve relations following American airstrikes in November that accidentally killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at two posts along the Afghan border.

Abbas, the army spokesman, said the headquarters that was buried was located in an area previously believed to be safe. At an altitude of around 4,500 meters (15,000 feet), it is the main gateway through which troops and supplies pass on their way to more remote outposts.