Jun 27

Conflicting claim: Restaurant owner calls robbery, a cover up story by Asif

asifLAHORE: Two contrasting claims have appeared on the news, on one side Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Asif claims that a restaurant owner Saif Doggar and his companions robbed him on Tuesday night while returning from airport, snatching his wallet containing RS 92000, bank cards, passport, wrist watch and some important documents at gunpoint.

Whereas on the other hand Restaurant owner Saif Doggar claims that last night Muhammad Asif broke into fight with him in his restaurant in Defense area of Lahore while he was totally drunk. He said that he broke restaurant stuff and left the place.

The restaurant owner filed a report in the local police station against Muhammad Asif’s violent behavior.

On the other hand M.Asif also reported in the same local police station against the robbery.

According to Saif Doggar, robbery complaint is a cover up story made by cricketer to hide his crime of last night.

The police officials of the local police station confirmed both the reports.