Sep 12

Rimsha Masih expresses fear for life: CNN

Islamabad: Rimsha Masih, the 14 year old Christian girl accused of blasphemy, Tuesday expressed fear for her life but said she was happy to be back with her family.Rimsha Masih

Giving her first interview to CNN after being released on bail, Rimsha said “I’m afraid of anyone who might kill us.”

The Christian girl refused to answer questions regarding what had actually taken place on the day she was accused of committing blasphemy but reinforced that she was innocent and was falsely accused.

Her father was also contacted by CNN and said that no one from his family would ever dishonour the Holy Quran.

Rimsha was accused of burning pages of the Holy Quran and was imprisoned on blasphemy charges. The case took a turn when the Imam (prayer leader) of the local mosque was accused by an eyewitness of tampering with evidence in the case. Two other witnesses later came forward and recorded their statements against the Imam.

Upon being released on bail, Rimsha was moved to an unknown location along with her family.