Feb 29

Sadia Designer summer Lawn collection 2012

Atif Yahya proudly presents Sadia Designers Collection 2012.
A superb fusion of classic and contemporary, a perfect blend of exotic and traditional designs set in vibrant hues and printed on premium quality fabric is what Sadia Designers Collection 2012 is all about.The name of Atif Yahya carries with it an experience of 20 years in the textile industry. Starting from the foundations of understanding everything about cotton, yarns, weaving, dyeing and printing fabrics, his story is that of a casual interest in textiles which fast became a passion fueled by skill, drive and ambition.

Putting all his strengths and his love of fashion design to use, resulted in the start of a garment and lawn fabric manufacturing business with offices set up in Pakistan and abroad. All his endeavours have culminated in his becoming an expert in cotton, yarns, weaving and manufacturing.

Sadia Designers Collection 2011 is a labour of love and is designed for women who appreciate the finer things in life.

A woman deserves to look and feel beautiful and this is what Sadia Designers Collection 2012 promises to deliver; a sensation of beauty and class for every woman who wears it. In other words, it promises to deliver Excellence with Elegance.