May 16

Geo Tv Blasphemy Attemphy By Utho Jago Pakistan

Shaista Wahidi Apologizes on BlasphemyBlasphemy act of Geo Tv Utho Jago Pakistan,Veena Malik’s wedding today at morning show.

Shaista Lodhi arranged the marriage ceremony of Veena Malik and Asad Basheer. But she made a great mistake which is really unbearable for our nation. She played famous Qawali of Amjad Sabri Ali or Zohra ki Shaadi Hai as background music. This Qawali was sung by a person present on the set.In this Qawali all the GREAT NAMES OF AHL-E-BAIT are included and singing such Qawali on marriage ceremony of Veena Malik or any other artist is just an irresponsible act.

Watch online Shaista Apologized Video

Today, Agreeing to her statement aired today, the regretful host stated that she along with the entire team feels sorry and tenders an apology for the circumstances that were triggered unintentionally due to the capacity of the program broadcast yesterday.

Dr. Shaista stated that she looks for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah over an unintended gaffe that hurt the sentiments of the audience.

Now Shaista apologized to Pakistani Nation and said that they (She and her team)are really embarrassed on their mistake. She has realized and she is also asking for forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty. She said we are sorry on this act and for hurting our audience.