Mar 03

Govt, security officials enjoying Sharmila engagement in Karachi despite deadly blasts

Sharmila FarooqiKarachi: Despite deadly blasts in Karachi that killed 37 people, the government authorities of the province are enjoying the engagement ceremony of Sharmila Farooqi, the media advisor to Sindh chief minister.

Federal and provincial ministers, bureaucrats, high level police and Rangers officials were present at the engagement ceremony of Sharmila and Hashim Riaz.

Heavy deployment of Rangers, Frontier Corps and Police was present outside Mohatta Palace, where the engagement ceremony is going on, to protect the VIPs.

Due to the heavy deployment of law enforcement personnel and presence of the police and Rangers official at the ceremony, the security personnel took time to enter the vicinity of the blast-rocked area.

Feb 23

Sharmila Farooqi Engagement 3rd March 2013

Pakistani female politician Sharmila Farooqi is ready to get engaged with Hasham Riaz Sheikh. The engagement ceremony will take place on 2rd March 2013 (Sunday).Sharmila Farooqi dancing scandal

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and adviser to the Chief Minister Sindh Sharmeela Farooqi has decided to get engaged with Hasham Riaz Sheikh on March 3rd , it has been learnt.
Reliable sources told us, that one of the popular leaders of PPP Sharmila Farooqi’s engagement is to be held on the 3rd of next month at Mohatta Palace Karachi.

Sharmila Farooqi marriage ceremony will take place soon somewhere in Pakistan, as she is now engaged with Hasham Riaz SHeikh. Sharmila Farooqi and Agha Siraj Durrani scandal was just to stigmatize the famous politician. The social media was raising fingers upon the scandalous pictures. According to another picture published on social media, people are saying that Sharmila Farooqi is dancing, while there is nothing like this in the scandalous pictures.

Sharmila Farooqi is a beautiful female politician, who has been working of Pakistan Peoples Party since long in Sindh Region. She is working as adviser to the Chief Minister Sindh. She is a daughter of Usman Farooqi who has served as Finance Minister of Pakistan as well as Chairman of Pakistan Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation (PICIC). N M Uqail is a big name in the chartered accountancy in Pakistan.

Dec 14

Agha Siraj Durrani & Sharmila Farooqi Controversial Photos Leaked

Agha Siraj Durrani & Sharmila Farooqi Controversial Photos Leaked

The recent photographs of PPP leader Sharmila Farooqi and Agha Siraj Durrani has become viral on the internet. The photos have been shared a lot on social networking websites. Almost all the users have disliked it and many on Facebook have also abused it on internet. The photograph has been shared alos on many big pages of Facebook.sharmila

The photograph shows that Sharmila Farooqi and Agha Siraj Durrani are standing with each other and Sindh Minister for Local Government Agha Siraj Durrani is holding a controversial type of bottle (wine, beer). In the other photo some other women are also standing with Agha Siraj.sharmila scandel

However many people on internet have also said that this is a fake photograph, on the other hand many are of the view that the photograph of Sharmila Farooqi with Agha Siraj Durrani are real.sharmila scandel picture