May 27

Soldier Muhammad Hussain Funeral Prayer Offered

The funeral prayer of Muhammad Hussain who was buried under the avalanche has been offered.
Muhammad Hussain (Pakistan Army)
According to details, the body of the soldier has been sent to his native village for burial.

The first dead body of one of the one hundred and thirty-nine soldiers who were buried under an avalanche in the Gayari Sector on the seventh of last month was recovered on the fiftieth day of the operation on Saturday.

The rescuers found the body near the check post where the soldiers were present at the time of the tragedy and there are hopes that more bodies will be found nearby.

May 27

Body of one soldier (Muhammad Hussain) recovered from Gayari

SKARDU: Body of one soldier, trapped in Gayari sector of the Siachen glacier some 50 days back, has been recovered.

According to sources, rescue operation is continuing to reach out to the 124 trapped soldiers and 11 civilians hit by an avalanche on April 07.

The body of the solider has been shifted to Gomal Army hospital.

The soldier has been identified as Shaheed Muhammad Hussain who hails from Skardu.

There are reports of recovering of another body but the military sources have not confirmed yet.

Clearance efforts are continuing round the clock since the avalanche hit the camp more than a month ago.

Apr 09

US rescue team arrives to speed up Siachen operation

US has sent a team of 8 experts to Islamabad to provide technical assistance in rescue operation.
US rescue team arrives to speed up operation in Siachen
A nine-member US experts’ team has arrived in Pakistan to help searching 135 people buried under snow.The US sent a team of experts to help Pakistan search for 135 people buried by a massive avalanche that engulfed a military complex in a mountain battleground close to the Indian border.

Pakistan will consult with the team to determine what help is needed to expedite the rescue operation.

At least 240 Pakistani troops and civilians worked at the site of the disaster at the entrance to the Siachen Glacier with the aid of sniffer dogs and heavy machinery, said the army. But they struggled to dig through some 25 meters (80 feet) of snow, boulders and mud that slid down the mountain early Saturday morning.

Pakistani army chief said the calamity in no way will affect the morale of the troops defending the motherland at the highest battlefield.he also visited the site Sunday to supervise rescue operations.

The American assistance comes at a tense time between the two countries and could help improve relations following American airstrikes in November that accidentally killed 24 Pakistani soldiers at two posts along the Afghan border.

Abbas, the army spokesman, said the headquarters that was buried was located in an area previously believed to be safe. At an altitude of around 4,500 meters (15,000 feet), it is the main gateway through which troops and supplies pass on their way to more remote outposts.

Apr 08

ISPR releases names of 135 soldiers buried in Siachin avalanche

The ISPR has released the names of 135 soldiers and civilians buried by an avalanche in Siachin.
ISPR Releases Names of 135 Soldiers Buried in Siachen Avalanche
The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) has released names of the soldiers and civilians who were trapped under snow after an avalanche hit their camp in a mountanous terrain in Gayari area near Siachin on Saturday morning.

The names released by ISPR on its website included Lt Col Tanvir Ul Hassan, Maj Zaka Ul Haq and Capt Haleem Ullah. List of Junior Commission Officers included Naib Subedar Khurshid, Didar, Malik, Iftikhar.

The names of 12 Havildars, two Lance Havildar, six Naiks, 8 Lance Naiks, 85 Sepoys and four sweepers also included in the list. The names of Havildars are Rehber, Haji Shafayat, Zakir, Gulfraz, Shah Nawaz, Musadiq, Rustam, Shad, Ghulam Muhammad, Sher Nayab, Ishaq and Tanvir.

At least 11 civilians were also buried under the avalanche which included two waiters, two barbers, three washermen (Dhobi), two canteenmen, one tailor and a servant named Ghulam Rasool whose presence at the sight of the avalanche is not confirmed yet.

Names of persons buried under snow slide in Gayari sector near Skardu.
  1. PA-32596 Lt Col Tanvir Ul Hassan
  1. PA-39548 Maj Zaka Ul Haq
  1. PA-105358 Capt Haleem Ullah( AMC)
Junior Commission Officers
  1. N/Sub Khurshid
  1. N/Sub Didar
  1. N/Sub Malik
  1. N/Sub Iftikhar
  1. Hav Rehber
  1. Hav Haji Shafayat

10. Hav Zakir

11. Hav Gulfraz

12. Hav Shah Nawaz

13. Hav Musadiq

14. Hav Rustam

15. Hav Shad

16. Hav Ghulam Muhammad

17. Hav Sher Nayab

18. Hav Ishaq

19. Hav Tanvir

Lance Havildar / NaiK

20. L/Hav Mustafa

21. L/Hav Ghulam Qadir

22. Nk Ashraf

23. Nk Sartaj

24. Nk Mudasar

25. Nk Jabbar

Lance Naik / Sepoy

26. Lnk Irshad

27. Lnk Sami Ullah

28. Lnk Sharafat

29. Lnk Mustafa

30. Lnk Himayat

31. Lnk Altaf

32. Lnk Mir Hussain

33. Lnk Irfan

34. Sep Ali Zar

35. Sep Saleem

36. Sep Malik Riaz

37. Sep Jamil

38. Sep Akhtar

39. Sep Nadir Wali

40. Sep Israr

41. Sep Sajid

42. Sep Naseer

43. Sep Dildar

44. Sep Zaman

45. Sep Irfan Khalil

46. Sep Waseem

47. Sep Ehsan

48. Sep Ashraf

49. Sep Riaz

50. Sep Shoaib

51. Sep Iqbal

52. Sep Mumtaz

53. Sep Haider

54. Sep Mehtab

55. Zulqarnain

56. Sep Ghulab Shah

57. Sep Rehmat Wali

58. Sep Nadeem

59. Sep Nafs Ali

60. Sep Nadeem Hashmi

61. Sep Qurban

62. Sep Muhammad Khan

63. Sep Akbar

64. Sep Ali Muhammad

65. Sep Muhammad Ali

66. Sep Amin

67. Sep Fiaz

68. Sep Shakeel

69. Sep Siraj

70. Sep Fazal Abbas

71. Sep Javed

72. Sep Javed

73. Sep Sakhi Zaman

74. Sep Sajjad Kazmi

75. Sep Fida Hussain

76. Sep Naeem

77. Sep Shamim

78. Sep Zakir

79. Sep Nisar Hussain

80. Sep Aurangzeb

81. Sep Arshad

82. Sep Sultan

83. Sep Muhammad Hussain

84. Sep Nasir

85. Sep Ilyas

86. Sep Mukhtiar

87. Sep Fida Hussain

88. Sep Zaheer

89. Sep Naseer

90. Sep Aftab

91. Sep Adil

92. Sep Muzamil

93. Sep Sarfraz

94. Sep Shameer

95. Sep Soba Khan

96. Sep Abid

97. Sep Ishaq

98. Sep Aksar Zaman

99. Sep Najeeb Ullah

  1. Sep Siraj Ud Din
  1. Sep Jaffar
  1. Sep Ansar
  1. Sep Ishaq
  1. Sep Ghulam Rasool
  1. Sep Muhammad Hussain
  1. Sep Jumma khan
  1. Sep Muhammad Ali
  1. Sep Zakir Kawardo
  1. Sep Ghulam Mehdi
  1. Sep Ghazi Shah
  1. Sep Sana Ullah
  1. Sep Imtiaz
  1. Sep Hameed Ullah
  1. Sep Sadiq Gultri
  1. Sep Gul Daz ( FS Sec)


  1. Nk / Clk Ghulam Nabi
  1. Nk/ Clk Ghulam Ali


  1. Sep/Ck Muhammad Ali
  1. Sep/Ck Karim
  1. Sep/Ck Ghulam Mehdi
  1. Moon Gul
  1. Asif
  1. Naveed
  1. Ali
Civilian (paid out of defence establishment)
  1. Jalil (Waiter)
  1. Hameed ( Waiter)
  1. Nasrullah (Barber)
  1. Muhammad Ameer (Barber)
  1. Waheed ( Canteen)
  1. Azeem (Canteen)
  1. Sarfraz (Dhobi)
  1. Wali (Dhobi)
  1. Noor Shah ali (Dhobi)
  1. Sabir (Tailor)
  1. Ghulam Rasool (NCB) – Uncfm/Suspected
Apr 07

Siachen avalanche traps over 125 Pakistani soldiers in Skardu

An avalanche has buried 130 soldiers in Siachen sector in Skardu, sources said.

The incident happened early Saturday on the Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battleground where thousands of Pakistani and Indian troops are based. The avalanche fall over a camp of Pakistani military and buried 130 soldiers.

Siachen is on the northern tip of the divided Kashmir region claimed by both India and Pakistan.
The fate of the soldiers was unclear as the rescuers were engaged in rescue operation in the area.