Apr 13

Despite snow storm; rescue operation continues at full pace at Gayari, Siachen

RAWALPINDI: Search and rescue Operation at Gayari continues at its full pace despite severe weather conditions, blizzard and low temperatures.siachen

According to an Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) press release, the spirit of troops busy in rescue operation is high, who are determined to dig out their valiant comrades from tons of snow.

The low temperature poses serious challenge to the effectiveness of plant equipment too. Disregarding the difficulties posed by 145 ft high pile of snow in the vicinity and extreme cold at the bottom of excavation, the troops are attempting a horizontal tunnel at the base of main excavation site to access suspected location of a structure to reach out to survivors.

The access tracks have been improved. Some infantry troops grouped into small teams continued to be employed on the periphery for search work. The outflow of water channel remains the same.