Aug 18

Sikandar’s wife Kanwal has been discharged from (PIMS) hospital

Sikandar’s wife Kanwal[dropcap][highlight]Islamabad: Sikandar’s wife Kanwal has been discharged from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) after her complete check up, [/highlight][/dropcap]

PIMS’s spokesperson Dr. Ayehsa had a media talk Saturday (today).

While talking to media Dr. Ayesha said that Kanwal has been discharged but she will stay at hospital till evening after which she will be taken into police custody and police will record her statement.

Speaking about Sikandar Dr. Ayesha said, “Sikandar is getting better now. He will be given green tea today so that he can come on normal diet.”

When asked about Sikandar’s discharge Dr. Ayesha said, “He is still in ICU. His vitals are stable but he is not up to the mark.”

“Although he is getting better but he will have to remain in ICU for few more days,” she added.

Aug 15

Sikandar finally arrested after shootout (Watch Video)

Sikandar finally arrested

ISLAMABAD: Shoot out at Islamabad Blue Area ends after five hours as armed persons caught alive with both kids and the lady remain safe.

The show started near 5:30 local time when a seems to be confident on his move, an armed man on a black car at China Chowk of Islamabad with a woman and a child has alerted the law enforcing agenciesSikandar finally arrested after shootout

(Watch Video)