Nov 20

Punjab University Announced Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Scheme

Prime Minister’s Youth Loan Scheme Announced by University of PunjabPrime Minister’s Youth Loan Scheme

The Prime Minister’s Youth Scheme All Students Of punjan university are stressed to apply loans so that they can start their business.

This scheme of small busniess for educated young person mostlyFocus on those educated youngs who wants to do some business for thier better future of thier family.

The main purpose of this scheme is to remove the unemployment fron our ountery.So all the intrested students must to sumbit few resons or purpose to start its business to their head of departments in next 24 Hours.The applicants must require 10% money with them on request for loan scheme

The Top 50 students selected by the university will be invited in PM House,Islamabad on 25th of November, 2013.

  • Loan up to Rs. 2 Million (Rs. 0.5 Million – Rs. 2 Million)
  • Only 8% markup
  • To be distributed by NBP (National Bank of Pakistan) & FWB (First Women Bank)
  • Total loans are 1 lakh
  • All Pakistani nationals
  • Eligibility – 21 years to 40 years
  • Minimum educational qualification is Middle
  • Students need to submit feasibility of the proposed project
  • One personal guarantee required
  • The applicant must have 10% seed money
  • 15 days approval time
  • The loans will be awarded transparently on pure merit basis
  • 50% quota is for women
  • The loans are to be paid back in seven years
  • Monthly installments
  • To mitigate risk, Government will share 50% of the losses subject to the maximum of 10% of the loan amount
  • Qarz-e-Hasana
  • Qarz-e-Hasana or the microfinance loan facility is aimed at helping the industry raise current access level of 2.5 million people to 5.0 million in the next 5 years.Eligibility criteria:Vulnerable rural and urban poor with a poverty score of up to 40.Focus on women:It is believed that increased economic participation by women can play a significant role in national development. In an attempt to encourage the same, 50% of loans will be given to female borrowers.In addition, independent economic activity will empower Pakistani women both socially and in terms of finances.

    Geographical spread:

    The national outreach of the scheme would not be limited in geographic terms. However, preference would be given to limited and un-served areas.

    This is aimed at engaging the population of these areas in greater economic activity and strengthening the process of development there.


    It is Qarz-e-Hasana or interest free loan. Therefore, no mark-up would be charged.

    Size and number of loans:

    250,000 loans of an average amount of Rs.25,000 would be disbursed as part of the scheme.

    Government Grant 2013-14:

    Rs.3.5 billion have been allocated to the scheme by the Federal Government.

    Executing agency:

    PPAF would be the central executing agency of the scheme. Enlisted partner organizations and community organizations that have necessary expertise and experience will be engaged in the process.

    De-centralization in the process of execution implies greater transparency and increased efficiency.


    To make the fund sustainable, borrowers will be encouraged to return the loan. The amount returned will be deposited to the permanent fund available to the community and be used for future lending.

    In addition, the process will introduce the borrowers to conversion from being “takers” to “givers” that implies positive social and financial effects.

Oct 01

Online Scheme Of Small Busniess Loan 2013 By PM’s

Online Scheme Of Small Busniess Loan Scheme 2013 By PM’s

“Prime Minister’s Youth Program2013-14” is launched by Prime minister of Pakistan for the younger of the pakistan.This youth programe will help all the talented person and hardworking students to earn good opportunities of employment, acquiring skills needed for the job, job training and use of computers.PM’s Small Business Loans Scheme 2013

[highlight]How To Apply and Forms with any Registration Process:[/highlight]

You can apply in PM’s Scheme for small business loan as per eligibility criteria mentioned above. The federal cabinet has already given approval to all these initiatives. All arrangements for the implementation of these programs have been completed. The small business loan program will be completely on merit basis and transparent.

Therefore only eligible candidates should apply for this program. Government of Pakistan will announce the registration procedure with application forms after 3rd October 2013. Here on this page you will soon be updated with the application process and registration forms will be available on this website

[highlight]PM’s Small Business Loans Scheme[/highlight]

Brief description Small business loans scheme will focus on unemployed youth, especially educated, looking for establishing new enterprises.
Eligibility criteria All young men/women. Age not more than 35 Years. Entrepreneurial potential.
Focus on women 50% of loans will go to women borrowers.
Debt-Equity ratio 90:10 with tenor of up to 7 years
Pricing 8% fixed for borrower but government will pay the difference of the cost at KIBOR+500 bps.
Refinancing SBP to explore providing 50% refinance at the risk of participating banks
Risk mitigation Government will share 50% of losses subject to a maximum of 10% of the loan amount
Number of Loans
Size of Loan Rs.0.5 – 2.0 Million
Average Loan Size Rs.1.25 Million
Allocation in Budget 2013-14 Rs.5 billion
Executing agency NBP and First Women Bank under the guidance and supervision of SBP. Other Banks will be encouraged to join.
Sectors and Products All sectors. Standardized schemes/projects/ undertakings will be designed by SMEDA, projects designed by private sector service provider or individuals themselves.

[highlight]Click Here Prime Ministry Youth Program 2013-2014 Application Forms[/highlight]