Sep 16

Spring Party Makeup by Shalini Vasisht

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First, I prepped the skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing it using products best suited for her skin type.  I then used a face primer all over her face and neck, to increase makeup wear ability.  I applied an eye primer on the eyelids, which helps keep the eye shadow in place.
I started by dabbing a concealer a shade lighter than the skin tone, covering dark circles, blemishes and any patches on the face and neck.  Then I evened out the skin tone with a light weight foundation, a soufflé textured base in a warm tone; this gave the skin a translucent and sheer feel.  I set the foundation with a translucent powder and applied an iridescent powder over the cheek bones and the temple to give a luminous glow to the face.
With a large rounded brush, I contoured the jaw line and the hollow of the cheeks with a powder.  I used a color darker than the bride’s natural skin tone.  I then applied a rosy blush on the apples of the cheek, creating a natural glow.

I dabbed some powder under the eyes before applying the eye makeup so that any loose shadow which falls can be easily brushed off.  For this look, I used a pearly shadow under the brow and over the eye lids for a highlighting affect.  I used a wash of charcoal grey blended in with a fleshy pink over the socket of the eye, to give it a brighter hue.
To accentuate the eye, I applied a thin line of black eye liner over the upper lid, and to balance the lower lid, I smudged it with a matching kohl pencil.
I groomed the eyebrows by filling them in with the same color as the bride’s hair, keeping the strokes feather-like.  I used a compressed eye shadow in dark brown and fixed any stray hairs with clear mascara in an outward and upward direction.
I layered the lashes with a coat of primer and then two coats of mascara.

To complete the look, I applied a nude tone lip liner and then filled it in with a taupe lip stain.