Oct 14

Latest Bridal Dress & Makeup Collection 2012

The Maram and Aabroo salon and studio was founded in 1995.  The two young and creative females started their professional career in 1996.  Both of these ladies are self taught in  makeup and photography.They have came a long way with the help of their hard work and creative thoughts.maram and aabroo salon and studio 0012

They established their setup in 2005 in Lahore and soon their work was appreciated by the masses.  This duo brand has been making a rapid progress since its origin. Maram and Aabroo Salon and Studio won several awards which were given to them for their high quality work.If you are looking for  a unique style of photo session, Maram and Aabroo is a place worth visiting.

They have been working with various super models and super stars. Maram and Aabroo gradually entered the bridal photography and soon established a prominent name in the fashion photography and makeup in Pakistan. Some of their most prominent work has been given below: