Jun 13

Embroidered Designs Prints Summer Dress Collection 2013

Taana Baana is basically a brand and a store offering embroidered clothes. It provides various types of embroidered dresses. You can get embroidered designs on lawn, Irish Fabric, Staple, Karandi, etc by Taana Baana. Beautiful and intricate designs can be seen embroidered on these fabrics.Taana Baana vol3 2013 15

After Taana Baana summer collection 2013 and Taana Baana summer collection 2013 volume 2, the brand is back with volume 3 of its summer collection. Taana Baana summer 2013 volume 3 includes embroidered clothes with shirt, trouser and dupatta. Most probably the clothes are made from lawn

Mar 20

Taana Baana For Women 2013 Dresses Collection

Taana Baana Latest Summer Collection 2013 For girls & Women 006Taana Baana is a store providing embroidered fabrics for ladies. Its main aim is to provide stylish dresses that provide a great look for clients without requiring them to spend a lot of time or money. Beautiful and quite detailed embroidery can be seen on the clothes of Taana Baana. The brand provides clothes that are made according to the current trends of style in Pakistan. A lot of different fabrics like lawn, Irish Fabric and Khaddar are provided by Taana Baana. Customers can easily shop for its clothes at its branches located in different cities of Pakistan.

You can see pictures of the beautiful clothes in Taana Baana summer collection 2013 for women below. Do go through them. These pictures of the summer dresses by Taana Baana have just been released. You may inquire about the clothes of Taana Baana summer collection 2013 at the stores of Taana Baana.