Apr 25

Pakistan Election 2013: Imran Khan and PTI’s some weapons of mass ‘construction’

Naya pakistan campaign ptiKarachi: Running its election campaign with slogan ‘Naya Pakistan’, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) has been pioneering a new of political marketing in Pakistan.

From methods of direct marketing like sending recorded messages through mobiles to running special vans in rural areas to education youth on importance of voting, cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s PTI has modernized the political campaigning in the country, a home to about 180 million people.

Keeping in view of the uniqueness of the electoral camps, we have captured some of innovative ideas from the PTI campaign.

Multimedia Outreach Van for Rural Youth Voting Literacy

PTI is working to tap a segment, which is usually ignored by political parties, the Rural Youth. To mobilize them to caste vote, PTI has developed special Multimedia Outreach Van (MAV) for voting literacy of these youths.

The official description for the campaign says “This MOV campaign is for PTI’s election campaign in Karachi. Help PTI change Karachi’s political landscape to bring lasting changes in the lives of Karachiates.”

Tabdeeli Razakar Program

Another major and unique idea is to develop Tabdeeli Razakar (Volunteers for Change). Voting literacy is not enough for youth particularly urban youth, they need engagement and they want ‘to be the part’ of change.

Tabdeeli Razakar Program is just the right move to cater the need of urban youth by making them part of the change.

Naya Pakistan Fund

Involving public in political funding is a tactic long being used in American politics. Even few dollar of funding for election campaigning is considered a vital step to build the nation-wide campaign.

By setting up Naya Pakistan Fund, PTI has been doing the same and a huge sum of funds are expected through this program.

This is a glimpse of some of campaigns, though initiated by PTI but could be fruitful in long-term for Pakistani politics, from Khan and his party. Stay tuned with The News Tribe for such updates.