Sep 06

Sony launches camera phone with add-on lenses

Germany Gadget Show Sony XperiaBerlin – Sony Mobile unveiled a new addition to its Xperia smartphone lineup Wednesday: a device that sports a massive 20.7-megapixel camera and is capable of attaching better lenses.

The Xperia Z1, presented in Berlin two days before the annual IFA consumer electronics show there, is Sony’s attempt to leapfrog rivals such as Nokia and Samsung in the race for the phone with the best camera.Germany Gadget Show Sony Xperia

Its standout features are a high-resolution lens built into the camera, and the option of controlling detachable lenses from the phone’s 5-inch screen.Kazuo Hirai

According to Sony, the lenses can also be used with other Android phones and even Apple’s iPhone.

The Z1’s camera functions are further supported by a large image sensor and dedicated apps that allow users to stream video directly onto their Facebook page, store images online and search for information about whatever their viewfinder is pointing at.Kazuo Hirai

The phone, previously codenamed Honami, comes with 2.2 gigahertz processor and a waterproof aluminum case.

Sony said the Z1 will go on sale later this month.Kazuo Hirai

Jun 01

Telenor Pakistan Call & SMS Blocker Service

Telenor Talkshawk Call BlockLet Telenor Call & SMS Blocker make your life easy and make you to get rid of obnoxious callers. Telenor Call & SMS Blocker is a subscription based service that stops any number (021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx, 030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx) from calling you.

Once you block a caller, any call from that caller can not reach you. Instead a prompt is played to that caller every time s/he attempts to call you. You can change the default prompt to a busy tone (number busy) or a ringing tone (call not picked up).

  • Interested? To block callers, you need to SMS ‘sub’ to 420 to get registered. Once you are registered,Telenor call blocker processAfter a few hours, when you get registered, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Then you can SMS the Number , which you want to block, to 420Telenor call blocker process 2Sample: After you are registered, SMS 03XX-XXXXYYY to 420.
    To subscribe, send SUB to 420
    To unsubscribe, send USUB 420
    To block, send 03XX-XXXXYYY to 420
    For a list of commands, send HELP 420

Blocking a number / removing a blocked number:

SMS: Rs. 2 + tax. (One time)
IVR: Rs. 2 + tax per minute.


Charges detail is as per follows:
Monthly Subscription = Rs. 20 + tax
Blocking or Unblocking a number over SMS = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)
Blocking or Unblocking a number by calling 420 = Rs 2 + tax (per minute)
Blocking or Unblocking a number by Call Blocker Website = Rs. 2 + tax (one time)

NWD & IDD Subscription:

The service blocks incoming calls & SMS only. It works on two access levels: Nationwide Dialing (NWD), International Direct Dialing (IDD). If you have International Roaming (IR) on your number, you have to change it back to NWD or IDD & then you can subscribe to this service.

Many people around you would need this service. So spread the word around.
Now never receive another annoying call.

May 23

IPO row: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sued by shareholders

New York: Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has been sued by the website’s shareholders over IPO issue, accusing him, Facebook and Morgan Stanley-led banks of keeping them unaware of weakened growth forecasts after $16bn IPO.

US bank Morgan Stanley is in charge of the IPO and the news comes as a probe is under way over alleged securities fraud in the bank.

Smaller investors accused the bank of failing in warning them of more negative assessment of Facebook’s future profits and major investors had been pre-warned about that as “the advance notice allowed the investors to either avoid the stock completely or sell immediately after they floated at $38”, The Telegraph reported.Facebook

The site’s shares have been continuously falling since the initial offering of $38 per share. On Wednesday, the shares opened up at $31.42.

Rick Ketchum, the head of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, said “The allegations, if true, are a matter of regulatory concern.”

Mary Schapiro, head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, said: “There is a lot of reason to have confidence in our markets and the integrity of how they operate, but there are issues we need to look at specifically with regard to Facebook.”

It comes amid accusations Morgan Stanley valued Facebook too aggressively.

“If the goal of the underwriters was not to leave a penny on the table, then it was a success. But if it was to ensure that the shares had a favourable market to trade in, then it wasn’t,” The Telegraph quoted Brian Wieser, an analyst at Pivotal Research Group, as saying.

“What they [the underwriters] succeeded in doing was milking market sentiment,” said Andrew Caldwell, a valuations partner at BDO. “You’ve got a problem that if you price it high, you’ve got nowhere else to go.”

Morgan Stanley said IPO procedures used were “in compliance with all applicable regulations”.

“After Facebook released a revised S-1 [IPO] filing on May 9 providing additional guidance with respect to business trends, a copy of the amendment was forwarded to all of MS’s institutional and retail investors and the amendment was widely publicised in the press at the time,” the bank said.

“In response to the information about business trends, a significant number of research analysts in the syndicate who were participating in investor education reduced their earnings views to reflect their estimate of the impact of the new information. These revised views were taken into account in the pricing of the IPO.”

May 20

Twitter Blocked in Pakistan

Micro-blogging website Twitter has been temporarily banned across Pakistan on Sunday by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).Twitter blocked

According to the Ministry of Information Technology, twitter was blocked because it failed to respond and take action regarding the publishing of blasphemous content. The IT ministry claims it had contacted twitter several times over this matter even sending faxes overnight but it had failed to respond.

In 2010 following a Lahore High Court ruling, facebook was blocked in Pakistan for the same reason. Twitter has grown in popularity in the last few years and it is estimated that 6 million people use it in Pakistan.

May 06

Ufone Brings International Prepaid Recharge Service

Ufone brings you a new way to recharge your account. Now you can recharge your friends or families prepaid accounts while on a living/visit abroad from designated outlets, ATM, Kiosk, Web or even handsets.Ufone latest international offer

This ground breaking facility is powered by Ezetop, MoreMagic and Transfer-To (Fixed & Mobile), Prepay Nation ,Tranglo and SwissClear Global. With their vast distribution network across the world all these partners offers Pakistanis living or roaming abroad to send credit back home to Ufone subscribers simply by walking into any retail shop or by visiting or or

MoreMagic has 15,000 outlets each in USA and in Canada whereas Ezetop has a wide network in the Middle East (UAE & Kuwait) and US. Every retail outlet is capable of sending across credit for prepaid users in Pakistan.

Transfer To™ International Mobile Recharge solution is enabled phone to phone via SMS or USSD. The solution is offered by mobile operators within Transfer To™ global airtime network in the Middle-East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE), Europe (France, Germany), Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong) and the US. For more details please visit

Prepay Nation: through its partner network of 20,000 point of sale locations – enable individuals to support their family & friends across international borders by facilitating the transfer of small to large sums in Top-Ups of their wireless phones. For more details please visit

Tranglo™: is a leading international mobile financial transactions hub operator that enables cross-border airtime exchange, money transfer and bill payment via its award-winning innovative solutions gloTransfer™ and gloRemit™. For more info on Tranglo, please visit

SwissClear Global: is a Singapore-registered company delivering a real-time, global transaction network and associated clearing & settlement services stemming from overseas airtime top-up; overseas bill payment; and money remittance. For more details please visit

ValuePLUS Computer Systems Ltd: is a Bangladeshi software company and has developed in 2009, an online airtime recharge solution. is an internet based global service for migrant citizens living abroad. It provides easy and prompt way of Topup to destination mobile numbers from anywhere of the world. This is a 24×7 global service being internationally reviewed and used in 29 countries and 126 cities.

Procedure: A friend or family members abroad can recharge/Top-up any Ufone Connection through four convenient choices as available:

Phone to Phone


Through a retail store

Self-Service Kiosk