Nov 08

PTI Youth Policy‏ Highlights

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has announced it’s Youth Policy last Sunday in Youth Convention in Lahore.The Youth Policy of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was made by the Youth Task Force which was established exclusively for this purpose.PTI Youth Policy‏ Highlights


Following are the highlights of the Youth Policy of PTI:

  • PTI strives to EMPOWER the youth; socially, economically and politically.
  • Change through: Education, Skill development, Employment, Improving Social Life & Health, Sports & Arts, Entrepreneurship programs, National Talent Hunt, Youth Recognition.
  • Intra-Party Initiatives: Emerge Youth Leaders within the party, Chairman’s Youth Advisory Council, Elected youth wing/student bodies from grassroots to national level.
  • MINIMUM 25% parliamentary tickets to Youth at national/provincial level.
  • Restoration of Student Unions.
  • Formation of official Youth Parliament to groom future leadership.
  • Special Parliamentary Committee to co-ordinate between Youth Parliament and Pakistan National Parliament.
  • 2 elected seats of Youth Councilors (1 Female, 1 Male) at Union/Village Level.
  • Formation of Pakistan’s first National Youth Foundation.
  • Formation of Jawan Markaz at Tehseel level.
  • Jawan Markaz will have Data Center, Job Center, Legal Center, IT Center, Literary Center, Training Center, Sports/Arts Center.
  • Jawan Markaz to be Central hub of all campaigns, Sports Events, Community Services, Awareness/mobilization campaigns.
  • Jawan Markaz to facilitate Youth to set up new businesses. Increase in Industry Internship Programs.
  • Rehabilitation Centers for youth affected by Terrorism, Drug Abuse, Physical disabilities, Psychological Disorders.
  • Uniform Education System throughout Pakistan; Increase in Education Budget, Increase in Vocational Training Programs. Interest Free Loans, Digital Libraries, Adult Education Programs for up-to 6 months duration.
  • 2 Million news jobs per annum in local economy.
  • Elimination of Political Interference from Public Sector to provide fair opportunity to Youth. Merit Based Job System to be established.
Sep 03

Imran Khan to answer questions about Google Hangout on (Sept 6 2012)

Islamabad, Pakistan: Use of technology in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) politics is being increased day by day.
Imran Khan to answer questions on Google Hangout on Sept 6
Now, PTI has organised a Google Hangout with the party Chairman Imran Khan on Google Plus. The PTI has invited all the Pakistani internet users to speak directly to Imran Khan to ask any question live on the hangout on September 6.

PTI said that ”Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) believes that to bring about genuine political change in Pakistan, Pakistanis must better understand their leaders and their political positions. With that, we bring to you an opportunity for anyone with an Internet connection to speak directly to Imran Khan using Google Hangouts On Air, this live session will be streamed to the world!.”

There is also a sad news for Imran Khan fans, only 10 people would be able to ask question to Khan at a time in Google Hangout.