Jun 28

US airport officials let Shaikh Rashid go after 5hrs of interrogation

HOUSTON, Texas: Immigration authorities, who had held Awami Muslim League chief, Shaikh Rashid, at the Houston airport , finally released him after five hours of interrogation, Geo News reported.US airport officials let Shaikh Rashid

Shaikh was allowed to go after Pakistan’s Ambassador to US, Sherry Rehman, taking immediate notice of the ordeal the Awami Muslim League leader was coping with at the Houston airport, prompted the Pakistani consulate in Houston to help the veteran politician out.

Following the directives of Ambassador Sherry Rehman, Pakistan’s Consul General in Houston, Aqil Nadeem reached the airport to talk to the immigration authorities.

Consul General Nadeem’s efforts paid and finally Shaikh Rahid was cleared to leave the airport after five hours of detention.

No details were available as to what made the US officials drag the leading Pakistani politician through such an arduous interrogation.

Notables from Pakistani expatriates living in Houston, including Tasleem Siddiqui, Khalid Khan, and others, gave Shaikh Rashid a hearty welcome when he came out of the airport.