May 20

US cannot pay $5,000 a Nato truck to Pakistan: Panetta

Washington: US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said on Saturday it would be impossible for US to pay $5,000 for each Nato truck, given the economic challenges his country was facing.Panet

“Considering the financial challenges that we’re facing, that’s not likely,” he said during an interview ahead of the crucial Chicago summit.

US was paying $250 a truck on average before the blockade of Nato supply from Pakistan after Salala check post incident, a senior US official said, adding US was hopeful the issued would be resolved in the summit.

Thousands of trucks a day carrying supplies would go through multiple border crossings from Pakistan to Afghanistan, making the fees a potentially massive source of revenue for Pakistan.

The U.S. has shifted deliveries to different routes through Russia and other countries to Afghanistan’s north after the blockade from Pakistan.