Feb 27

World record: 100 kisses for Veena on her birthday

veena malik kisses picture 004Veena has decided to set a new Guinness World Record of being kissed more than 100 times in one minute on her birthday which falls today (Tuesday). Veena will be kissed by contestants of a reality show called ‘The City that Never Sleeps – Bollywood Hunt’.

Veena, in a statement published in Times of India, expressed her excitement over the world record and said that it would be a “huge birthday gift” for her.

She thanked the producer and director of her film ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ for giving her the opportunity of marking her name in the world record.

Veena, originally a Pakistani Lollywood actress, came into the limelight after she participated in an Indian reality show, Bigg Boss. She was later featured nude on the cover of an Indian magazine, but she claimed that her picture was morphed.

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Aug 17

Veena first religious show gets 3 Crore Viewers

Karachi: Veena Malik’s first religious show “Astagfar” has reached highest TRP ever, with over 30 million or 3 crores views.Veena Malik at Hero TV Astagfar show

The show created a positive response across the world, says Scribes INC,which manages media for the controversial actress.

Peoples of the globe appreciated Veena Malik new avatar in her show. Around 3 crore viewer watch the first show of “Astagfar” and has received a fabulous waku doki response from the viewers on the small screen.

Veena Malik said, “It was a very great moment for me that people across the globe has appreciated me and they accepted my show. The show has touched the heart of people which is shown by TRP rating.”

After a lot of resistence, the show went on air and gained the highest TRP ever. Veena Show break all the past record which is unbelievable. This show is more about connecting with audiences. The superb success of the show can now be termed as a historical success after its big leap on the small screen.

Aug 08

Veena Malik: now with cricket fever

Mumbai: Bollywood starlet Veena Malik will host India VS Sri Lanka T20 Match on Indian TV with former cricketers Chetan Sharma, Yograj Singh, Yashpal Sharma, Sanjay Bharadwaj (coach Gautam Gambhir), Rajkumar Sharma (coach Virat Kohli). Veena Malik Back With Cricket Fever

She followed cricket passionately all her life and gained good knowledge of the game.

“I have been a diehard cricket fan and follow the game religiously. I have been offered several projects but this is cricket season. I am taking my passion for the game into account which is why I have decided to do the show,” said Veena Malik, who is currently in India.

Veena malik will be seen discussing matches, cricketers and their performance. Team India had won One-day series against Sri Lanka and now they are looking forward to T20 Match. Veena will bring spice and interest to more colorful aspects of the cricketers.

Aug 06

Veena Malik back on Hero TV to do “Astaghfar”

Karachi: The newest news in the air is that Veena Malik is back on Hero TV with “Astaghfar” show in Ramadan. She is going to host “Astaghfar” show after lot of public outrages. Veena malik in Hero TV Astaghfar

Earlier trailers and news that Veena Malik will do Astaghfaar show on Hero TV channel sparked an outcry across the country. Due to Veena malik scandals and bold public appearance the show goes off air but once again she is back on public demand.

Veena said, “I am very happy my show ‘Astaghfar’ is going to be on air I thanks ‘Allah’ for giving me such opportunity to host this show. Its people’s love which bring me back on the show.”

Because of people’s demand Hero Tv management decided to bring Veena Malik back on Astaghfar show which is going to be aired once again. The show is getting higher TRP and people are appreciating Veena’s show.