May 16

Wajahat Mansoor New & Stylish Summer Lawnn Dress Collection 2013

Recently, Wajahat Mansoor unveiled his latest collection titled as Wajahat Mansoor formal Wear Collection 2013 For girls.Wajahat Mansoor collection 2013 3

After the great launch of ready to wear collection for spring 2013 by Wajaht Mansoor, he is back with Wajahat Mansoor formal wear dresses 2013 for the season of summer.This collection has consists of dresses for functions and wedding ceremonies, because of their high quality fabrics and embellishments.Wajahat Mansoor is not new name in this field of fashion.Wajahat Mansoor has being a part of fashion industry since year 2010.Wajahat Mansoor has launched his fashion label to give stunning and stylish outfits for men and women.Wajahat Mansoor offers you seasonal and occasional collection in trendy and classical style.Wajahat Mansoor has added ready to wear collection for those women, who love fashionable dresses for very type of function

May 10

Wajahat Mansoor Party Wear Dress Collection 2013 For Girls

Wajahat Mansoor is a well-known name in the Pakistani fashion industry. He is known for his classy, elegant and stylish dresses for women and awesome clothes for men.

Wajahat Mansoor dress collection 2013 1Clothes designed by Wajahat Mansoor have amazing cuts and patterns. Thus, we come to know the class and style of the designer by looking at them. He is thus, ready to achieve great new heights in the fashion industry. Wajahat Mansoor is a professional fashion designer as he has studied fashion designing from one of the well-known fashion schools in Pakistan.Wajahat Mansoor semi-formal wear dresses 2013 were released only a few days after the release of Wajahat Mansoor formal wear dresses 2013. The new dresses by Wajahat Mansoor consist of frocks. There are also a few straight shirts in the collection but mostly frocks can be seen. The frocks have lovely dabka work on the front and the neckline. MOST the shirts in Wajahat Mansoor semi-formal wear dresses 2013 have full sleeves. The clothes are all quite nice and suitable for formal wear also. Thus, for some lovely clothes to wear to parties, check out Wajahat Mansoor semi-formal wear dresses 2013.