Aug 23

Warid Telecom Launches Karachi Offer for Unlimited Calling

Warid Telecom has launched another exciting offer for its subscribers in Karachi which will allow subscribers to make calls at the lowest rate in the industry.karachi offer

With this offer Warid’s Karachi subscribers will be able to enjoy free calls, [highlight]50 [/highlight]SMS messages and 5MB mobile internet all day for just [highlight]Rs. 7.99[/highlight] per day. To avail this offer customers will have to type “KAR” and send it in an SMS to [highlight]4337[/highlight].

This region based offer is available to all Warid users in Karachi and will allow them to keep in touch with all Warid users across Pakistan.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer to be subscribed by sending KAR to 4337
  • Rs 1+tax will be charged on sending SMS to 4337
  • User can enjoy 24 hours unlimited on net calls, 50 free SMS& 5 MB Mobile internet
  • Confirmation SMS will be sent after offer is activated in system
  • Free calls can be enjoyed immediately after confirmation SMS is received
  • User will be get confirmation SMS for free 50 SMS & 5MB mobile internet as soon as its available
  • Unused free SMS & mobile internet will expire at midnight
  • After using free SMS, all SMS will be charged as per package plan
  • After using free data, mobile internet will be charged as per package plan
  • All off net & international calls to be charged as per package plan
  • Offer available for Karachi city only
  • Free calls can only be enjoyed for Warid to Warid calls
  • Free calls, SMS & mobile internet can be enjoyed anytime during 24 hours of the day
  • Karachi offer can be subscribed both by existing users and new subscribers
  • Any customer who subscribes to the offer from outside Karachi would be charged Rs 7.99+ tax but will not be able to enjoy free resources
  • In case of insufficient balance, offer will be deactivated
  • Offer available on Warid minute package only i.e. Rs 1.6/min for all networks and Re 1/min for FNF on all networks
  • Rs 10 will be deducted in case of package change
  • On subscription to new offer, existing Karachi offer will no longer be valid and it will be deactivated
  • Offer can be deactivated by writing KAR <space> off, in SMS and send it to 4337
  • Change of rates are at discretion of Warid
  • All government taxes and levies apply as well as 19.5% FED
  • Each recharge done through scratch cards and WaridLoad includes 15% WHT
  • Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA
Aug 30

Warid Glow launches super dosti package

Karachi: Glow, the trendiest cellular youth brand of Pakistan, now brings a big one ‘Super Dosti Package’ which includes one Dosti Number free forever, best F&F call rates across all networks at only 45 Paisas for 30 seconds with exciting SMS and internet bundles.Warid super dosti Packeg

Spreading the colors of friendship Glow ‘Super Dosti Package’ is the perfect blend that caters to the youth of Pakistan with best rates ever.

To activate: SMS Super to 7777 or call 100 for details

Package Details:

One Dosti Number (On-net) is free from 11pm till 6pm the next day.
Rs. 1 per 30 seconds will be charged between 6pm till 11pm.

To add a Dosti number user needs to convert to the Super Dosti package by sending Super to 7777.

How to add Dosti Number: SMS Free<space><mobile number> to 2129 and enjoy free calls to your Super Dosti number.

Monthly subscription charges for Super Dosti Number are Rs. 10 per month and users are charged Rs. 1 on the first call made to their Super Dosti or FnF numbers everyday.

If no calls are made to FnF or Super Dosti Number then no charges will apply.

There are a total of 11 F&F numbers – 10 (8 on-net & 2 Off-net) F&F and 1 On-net Super Dosti Number

Users can call their 10 F&F numbers (8 on-net & 2 off-net) @ 45 paisas only between 11pm till 6pm the next day. Rs.1 will be charged from 6pm-11pm everyday.

SMS Bundles:
150 SMS @ Rs. 1.50/Day
To Activate: SMS Glow 150 to 7777

400 SMS @ Rs. 2.99/Day
To Activate: SMS Glow 400 to 7777

700 SMS @ Rs. 6.99/Week
To Activate: SMS Glow 700 to 7777
1000 SMS@ Rs. 7.99/Week
To Activate: SMS Glow 1000 to 7777

Mobile Internet Bundles:
2MB Bucket – Daily Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs. 2.99/day
To Activate: SMS 2MB to 7777
Validity expires at 12am daily

15MB Bucket – Daily Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs 10/day
To Activate: SMS 15MB to 7777
Validity expires at 12am daily

10MB Bucket – Monthly Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs 30/month
To Activate: SMS 10MB to 7777

100MB Bucket – Monthly Mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs 99.99/month
To Activate: SMS 100MB to 7777

Apr 30

Warid Internet Bundle Revised Packages

After introducing new internet bundles last month, Warid has partially revised the offer with an addition of offering new 10 MB monthly mobile internet bundle for Rs. 30 per month. Revision in previous bundles include 15 MB cap for daily mobile internet bundle that comes at Rs. 10 per day, which was earlier offered with 50 MB daily limit for download upload.Warid GPRS PackagesWarid Monthly Internet Bucket
Monthly Limit: 10 MB
Price: Rs 30/month
To activate, SMS 10MB to 7777

Warid Daily Internet Bucket 15 MB :
Daily Limit: 15 Mb
Price: Rs 10/day
To activate, SMS 15MB to 7777.
Validity expires at 12am daily

Warid Daily Internet Bucket 2 MB:
2 MB, i.e. 2 MB of data per day.
For activation SMS 2MB to 7777
Charges: Rs. 2.99 per day
Validity expires at 12am daily

Terms & Conditions
Charges of 7777 are Re 1+tax.
Limited time offer