May 16

Blasphemy Attempt in Good Morning Pakistan Full Video ARY Digital

ARY Blasphemy Attempt in Good Morning Pakistan Full VideoNida Yasir committed Same Blasphemy, Played “Ali Ke Sath Hai Zehra Ki Shadi” on the Wedding of A Couple a long time ago…

The ARY DIGITAL morning show had Naeem Abbas Rufi and famous qawwal Amjad Farid Sabri presenting the same qawwali in a wedding sequence.

Ary blasphemy attempt in morning showReligious leaders of Pakistan have strongly condemned ARY and GEO Network for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims by playing manqabat ‘ Ali ke Saath hai Zahra ki Shaadi’ during the wedding reenactment in the show.

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For past several episodes and weeks the show has been airing weddings. The host, celebrity, people on the show carries their get up in the wedding style, dancing on Indian songs, wearing coats of make up and heavy dresses.