May 14

Xenab’s Atelier Formal Wear Collection 2013 For Women

Xenab’s Atelier is a well-known clothing brand for women. It provides women with gorgeous dresses for formal wear, semi-formal wear and even bridal wear.
The different collections of Xenab’s Atelier have been quite popular among women as they had beautiful dresses.Xenab's Atelier party wear collection 2013 7

Xenab’s Atelier released its formal wear collection yesterday. Xenab’s Atelier formal wear collection 2013 consists of many different types of formal wear dresses. You can see a lot of different cuts, colors and styles in this formal wear collection of Xenab’s Atelier.For example, Xenab’s Atelier fuchsia collection 2013 released a few weeks back had quite beautiful dresses. The quality of the dresses is quite good.

Feb 26

Xenab’s Atelier Spring Party Wear Dresses For Women 2013

Xenabs Atelier dress collection 2013 13Xenab’s Studio vesture aggregation 2013 8kkXenab’s Atelier Fuchsia aggregation 2013 for women was revealed a spell ago. It was revealed exclusive a few days after the activity of Xenab’s Studio ceremony and dress outwear 2013. Xenab’s Atelier Fuchsia assembling 2013 consists of semi-formal and ceremonious act clothes. A heavy extent of cuts can be seen in this collecting. Suchlike the preceding collections of Xenab’s Studio, this compendium also has intemperately embellished shirts for the dresses.

Dec 09

Xenab’s Atelier Formal Wear Dresses Collection 2012-2013 For Women

Xenab’s Latest Formal Dresses 2013 For Women 009Xenab’s Atelier has been counted as one of the most distinguished and quickly getting success clothing brand in Pakistan fashion universe. This brand put its first step in the fashion world just three years back and in just least time period this brand has touched the sky heights. This brand has been putting their main product line within the casual wear, formal wear, semi formal dresses and bridal wear outfits. They have always given their huge interest towards the direction of designing and style working and this has been the major reasons that have given such a big place to this brand. Freshly, Xenab’s Atelier has launched their outstanding and spanking new formal wear collection 2012-2013 for women.


Aug 05

Xenab’s Atelier Elegent Semi Formal Collection 2012

Xenab’s Atelier has recently introduced their Semi Formal Collection2012 which is very nice and comfortable. Xenab’s Atelier is a Fashion house located at the heart of Karachi, Pakistan.Whether it is party wear or formals, you will find all that you need under one roof. Xenab’s Atelier is a very famous fashion house was found in year 2008 by Xenab Ansari. All dresses can be altered as the client wishes.Xenab’s Atelier Elegent Semi Formal Collection 2012 For Women 008

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