Oct 15

Yahsir Waheed Ready to Wear Dresses Collection 2012

Yahsir Waheed is a well-known clothing label in Pakistan. It is best known for its lawn prints that it releases every spring. Now, the brand is back with Yahsir Waheed ready to wear dresses 2012. These dresses are quite a change from the other products of the brand, most of which are unstitched.

Yahsir Waheed ready to wear dresses 2012 will be quite convenient for time-constrained women as they eliminate the hassle of getting dresses stitched. The dresses have been styled as per the fashion trends of today.Yahsir Waheed Ready To Wear Dresses For Eid 2012 005

Being great for casual wear, Yahsir Waheed ready to wear dresses 2012 can be worn for work, hangouts with friends, casual get-togethers, etc. They are a mixture of traditional and contemporary wear. You will see long and medium-length shirts with trousers in this collection by Yahsir Waheed.

Mar 25

Yahsir Waheed Lawn 2012 Jahanara Begum

Yahsir Waheed is a very creative fashion designer of Pakistan. He has established his fashion label in 1998, but his interest in designing clothes started in 1985. Knowing his interest for designing, he took admission in National college of Arts to study textile design. Recently he has launched, amazing and breathtaking spring summer collection 2012 named as Jahanara begum lawn prints. In Yashir waheed lawn prints a unique touch of cultural influence is very clear.Yahsir Waheed Lawn 2012 Jahanara Begum Catalogue A