Sep 21

Pakistan to observe Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (PBUH) on today

Islamabad: Condemning an anti-Islam film, Innocence of Muslims, that has triggered violent protests across the Muslim world, the people of Pakistan will observe ‘Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rassol (S.A.W)’ on today. Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool-S.A.W

The government of Pakistan has announced National Holiday on Friday.

Different political and religious parties have announced to take out processions after Friday prayers expressing their anger over the American-made film.

Shops, markets and petrol stations will close and transport is likely to come to a standstill, but authorities will hope there is no repeat of the violence seen on the streets of the capital on Thursday.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and other political leaders have urged nation to lodge their protest against the film in a peaceful manner.

The government has stepped up security measures on the ways leading to US consulates and Embassy in the country as there were possibilities that the miscreants would took advantage of the situation and try to sabotage the peaceful protests.

Mobile services were also suspended in parts of Pakistan in order to foil any possible terror plot as the militants had earlier use mobile phones to detonate the explosive devices.

On Thursday, thousands of Pakistanis clashed with police firing live rounds and tear gas as anger mounted in the Muslim world over a US-made anti-Islam film and French cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Up to 50 people were injured as police drove back thousands of protesters, many armed with wooden clubs, trying to storm Islamabad’s heavily-guarded diplomatic enclave — home to Western embassies including the US, British and French missions.

Sep 21

Youme-Ishq-e-Rasool: Mobile services suspended across 14 cities in Pakistan today

Karachi: The government of Pakistan on Friday suspended services of two cellular companies across Karachi amid fears of possible terrorist attack on the eve of Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rassol (S.A.W).mobile service suspend
According to security sources, the decision to suspend the services before dawn was taken in order to avoid any possible terror threat.

“Terrorists usually use mobile phones to detonate explosive devices.”

Earlier, interior Minister Rehman Malik said that no final decision was taken to suspend phone services in the country on Friday as part of security measures on Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (S.A.W).