Apr 20

YouTube ban lifted in Pakistan?

youtubeYouTube, which is banned in Pakistan last September, is reportedly working in some parts of the country without any official announcement.

Express Tribune, a part of Express Media Group owned by Lackson Group of Pakistan, has asked on its Facebook fans whether YouTube is working or not in their regions.

There was a mixed reaction on the question with some respondents from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad nodded (of course through words) in yes. But there are also a number of answerers who replied in simple no.

Interim Information Minister Arif Nizami, while talking with a News Channels last week, gave a clear indication of re-opening of YouTube in the South Asian country. The worlds largest video portal was banned by the then government on issue of blasphemous content on its site.

Sep 30

Petition filed in Supreme Court against Google, YouTube

Islamabad: An IT expert has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of Pakistan urging Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry to take a suo motu notice against illegal activities of Google and YouTube in Pakistan.Google YouTube

Properties worth million have been damaged after a video on YouTube, a Google’s subsidiary, was uploaded insulting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

It is urged in the petition that Google should pay compensation for the losses incurred in Pakistan due to the video and action for illegally using ‘Pakistan’ on its web portal without being registered in the country, Pakistan local English newspaper ‘The News’ reported.

The Google was earning six million dollars per year but did not pay a single rupee in taxes in Pakistan, the petitioner Dr. Kamil Tarar, an IT expert and research editor of TelecomPlus, said, adding that Google was not legally permitted to do business in Pakistan.

“Google is generating business annually without any financial benefit to FBR since years in the form of central leviable taxes and duties which are being evaded with impunity,” reads the application, according to the daily.

“It is worth mentioning that Google is operating in Pakistan without any lawful authority and due to this government has no check and balances in place.”

It said that by using the word ‘Pakistan’ in the title of its web portal (www.google.com.pk), Google is creating the impression that the portal is carrying out its operations with the approval of the government.

“It appears that, by using the word ‘Pakistan’ in the title of its web portal, Google has violated intellectual property rights,” said the petition.

The petitioner has made party to Google’s representative in Pakistan, Secretary Ministry of Information Technology, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, DG Intellectual Property Organization, Chairman FBR, Chairman Pemra, Chairman Board of Investment and Chairman Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan, the report said.

(source thenewstribe.com)